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Does Your Car Match Your Style?

Our car says a lot about us as a person. No matter whether we’d like it to or not, the car that we drive gives others their first impression of us and, no matter whether you’re stopping at a set of traffic lights in town or pulling up at a lady’s house for that all important first date, you want your car to be an accurate reflection of you. So, with this in mind, what does your car say about you? 

The Myths and the Stereotypes 

No matter what type of car you drive, it is more than likely that there is a stereotype attached to it. From "old man" Volvos that never edge above 30 MPH to Range Rovers for Chelsea mums on the school run, we all have preconceptions about cars and the person driving them. But, are any of these preconceptions true, or are we just making them up off the back of one dodgy experience?

What’s the Reality? 

Of course, just because you drive a 2.0l VW Golf doesn’t mean that you’re a boy racer and just because you own an Audi TT, it doesn’t mean you’re a hairdresser. 

However, research undertaken by AA Cars seems to suggest that some of our preconceptions may in fact be correct; particularly if we’re basing our thoughts around a particular occupation. 

Electricians - in their overalls may be synonymous with being white van men, but in their spare time it seems as though the opposite is true, with Subaru being the most common car in the occupation. 

Although I suppose when you’re not lugging tools around with you everywhere, you may start to feel the need for speed, making the Subaru the perfect sporty choice.


Teachers - famous for their tweed blazers, ill fitted shirts and zany ties, teachers have always had a hard time of it... and all on infamously low pay. 

However, instead of Peugeots, it appears as though teachers actually opt for Fiats and Fords. The size and scale of the vehicle appears similar, however the car stereotype may not be true, but the rumour that they seem to look for practicality first seems to be.


Boardroom Directors - here, the stereotype that all boardroom directors in their finely pressed suits and shiny shoes drive around in a company owned Mercedes appears true, with a disproportionate numbers driving diesels and automatics as well... not like them to keep the work to a minimum, is it? 

It turns out that your car may say more about you than you’d like to think. Of course, none of this is scientific, but it gives us a key insight into the human psyche. So, next time you’re changing car, make sure your car reflects your career and your style.

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