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5 Menswear Must-haves for Summer 2014

Summer is the time of year where your dress sense can either fly sky high or rot down in the deep blue sea. The sweaty pits and nasty hay fever can really demotivate us to get on our feet and show the world how truly fashionable we really are. 

However if you’re like me and love getting in "The Zone" for the dazzling sun, then gentlemen, get ready for the must-haves of your summer style this season. Now, before we get into it, it's not only women who should take advantage of beautiful, tall mirrors. If you want to check out the vibe of your whole outfit, without breaking the bank, there's no better way than doing it with a cheap full length mirror.


Do I even have to mention these? Sunglasses are the heart and soul of every summer look. You can use them with a three piece suit, shorts or chinos and even wear them in your back garden. 

But choosing the right pair can sometimes be difficult. If you’re seeking them for a long lasting period, I’d go for designer ones e.g. Rayban, Gucci, Prada. They are usually made from hardware titanium metal and leave a clean finishing touch to your shades. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for one-off stylish sunglasses, get yourself a pair of trendy 'Club Masters' for a fifth of the price and dispose them as the style dies down. 

Experimenting with different sunglasses is a good way to look more vibrant, don’t hesitate to try different colours and styles. Mix and match with your outfit or get sunglasses which have a completely different colour to the rest of your outfit. 

Choosing your sunglasses is probably one of the most personal shopping accessories ever and funnily enough there are no wrong or right sunglasses to an outfit. It’s all down to personal preference.

"Sunglasses are the heart and soul of every summer look"
"Sunglasses are the heart and soul of every summer look"

Light colour Blazers 

Wearing dark suits during summer can be very daunting and hard to carry, especially if you have to dress smart for work everyday. 

"So ignore that dull suit and put on a colourful light blazer" 

Light Blazers have had a huge comeback in the past few seasons and it looks like they're here to stay for a few more. Summer is the time where you can mix and match your blazers and trousers, and show off bright colours. 

You name it – Turquoise, pink, yellow, white. Pretty much everything works. Going for the full light suit is also a good choice and can make you look very appealing and it helps make you stand out (for the right reasons).

"Light Blazers have had a huge comeback"
"Light Blazers have had a huge comeback"

Short Sleeve shirts 

They look good, feel good, and are easily available to find. This is one of the most precise pieces of clothing for the summer period. 

It fits into every occasion: a night out, weekend trips and even to work. Slim fit shirts are usually the best way to go since they fit into your body shape perfectly with no loose bits. 

When talking about colours and shirts, in many situations, single coloured ones are always in style, whether it be bright colours, earth tones or even plain black. A shirt with several colours can also be adjusted, preferably stripes. They’ll look great with chinos, denim shorts or even distressed jeans.

"Slim fit shirts are the best for summer"
"Slim fit shirts are the best for summer"


When wearing loafers, there is simply one rule... Go sockless. Socks and loafers just don’t go together, they're invented to simply show a little ankle and keep you cool. 

But in many cases loafers can either make your outfit or break your outfit. They are usually worn with trousers or maybe even shorts if you're going for the casual look. 

Make sure your trousers are not baggy, otherwise it can go wrong, rolling them from the bottom is the best way to go. When it comes to shorts, the same rule applies. The bagginess will make your whole outfit seem out of place. 

In addition, make sure you invest in a good pair of loafers, the sole of the shoe must be strong so the shape doesn’t fall out of place. Make sure you take full advantage of this classic footwear option this summer.

"Loafers can either make or break your outfit"
"Loafers can either make or break your outfit"


Necklaces, Watches, rings, jewellery. Details matter when it comes to summer fashion. Wearing a t-shirt can be pretty boring sometimes and this is where the accessories come into play. 

Adding a necklace to your outfit or even a few bracelets can really enhance your look and make you more summery. When it comes to bracelets I’d go for bright colours which will really help them stand out. 

However, the standard gold and silver items also look great. Rings can also be the playmaker, but you have to make sure you don’t overdo it. One ring per finger is the safety net, but that doesn't mean you should wear a ring on every finger! 

Summer fashion is a great excuse to wear as many colourful garments you want and get away with it. It can sometimes be very hard to style the perfect outfit since there's so much to choose from. 

The best way is to experiment and mix and match. Don’t take it too seriously though, clothing shouldn’t be something to stress about. As they say, "A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and then forgotten all about them." So go out and enjoy your summer before the rain comes back again.

"You have to make sure you don’t overdo it"
"You have to make sure you don’t overdo it"
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