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A New Beer for the Discerning Connoisseur

Whether it's the elegant fit of a tailor-made suit or the perfectly engineered lines of a classic car, Affligem is a beer for those who appreciate the finer things in life. 

The Benedictine monks of Affligem Abbey started to brew the beer in 1074, in the abbey bordering the provinces of Flemish Brabant and East Flanders in Belgium. 

Almost one thousand years later, sophisticated gentlemen on British soil are set to enjoy three beers of unparalleled quality.

Available in three distinctive guises, Affligem offers a selection of crafted tastes to satisfy the more discerning palate. 

Blonde (ABV 6.8%) is an eminently drinkable classic clear ale, whilst Double (ABV 6.8%) is a more complex, richer affair, steeped in dark malt overtones. Triple (ABV 9%) is the pride of the abbey, with a distinctive bitterness and gratifying strength for those who seek something beyond their traditional beer portfolio. 

"All three embody luxurious quality and a premium experience for any aficionado"

"Crafted tastes to satisfy the more discerning palate"
"Crafted tastes to satisfy the more discerning palate"

Like all of the best things in life, proper preparation is integral to discover the art of Affligem. The "Body & Soul" Pour is the defining method of savouring the full potential of all three beers. 

Pouring the majority of any of the beers into a crystal clear glass, the remaining 10% of the bottle is then served in a separate tasting glass. 

This small, yet intensely flavoursome shot of Affligem contains the naturally occurring yeast that has settled at the bottom of the bottle, offering an interesting and uniquely vibrant taste for the more adventurous gourmand. 

Of course, if you prefer, a traditional pour without the yeast separation is more than adequate to indulge your senses.

"Proper preparation is integral"
"Proper preparation is integral"

After attending an Affligem dinner at restaurant Story hosted by Patrick Grant, we spoke to him about how the night was put together:

“Over the past few months Affligem and I have brought creatives from a range of industries around a table for the first Affligem Dinner. Story have been the perfects hosts; the mix of designers, presenters and fashionable folks made for excellent company; and the beers were exceptional. I had a blast!“

"The beers were exceptional"
"The beers were exceptional"
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