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6 Awesome Ways to Boost Fitness

There’s no reason why you should have an excuse to not exercise even on a busy schedule. From running to cycling, to aerobics, to weight training, you need endurance and stamina so that you can keep on workin’ it without getting tired. 

'Your fitness level is a combination of your strength, stamina and cardiovascular endurance' 

There’s a plethora of ways through which you can boost your fitness but in case you’re not sure, here are our top picks.

1. Just HIIT it 

A recent study found that folks who performed just four to six sprints of 30 seconds each achieved the same cardiovascular improvements as those who performed moderate 40-60 minute workouts. Therefore, if you want to save some time, HIIT may be your best bet. 

Just up the intensity of your workout, minimize exercise time and enjoy the same benefits of a longer moderate workout and perhaps even more.

"HIIT may be your best bet"
"HIIT may be your best bet"

2. Make life a little less convenient 

Go old-school with the way you move. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, run to and from the coffee shop, park your car a little further from your office so you can get a mini walk, lift some weights while watching TV, ride your bike to work... the list can go on. 

Get creative and try to include a workout everywhere - you’ll be surprised at how much these tiny changes can improve your lifestyle.

"Ride your bike to work"
"Ride your bike to work"

3. Start lifting heavy 

Instead of lifting lightweights and doing several reps, start lifting the heavier ones. Not only are heavier weights more effective at producing muscle mass, they save time too. 

Resistance training is important to strengthen your muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cardio guy, if you want to improve your overall fitness; you need to work your muscles too. It’s best to talk to professional trainers like Opex Gatwick if you plan to start lifting much heavier to ensure your form is on point to avoid injury.

"Resistance training is important"
"Resistance training is important"

4. Stay out of your comfort zone 

Many people find their own fitness forte and stick to it. Instead of staying in a bubble, explore new workouts and mix your routine up. This will help you build endurance and make your regime more sustainable too because you won’t get bored. 

If you’re a treadmill runner, try hitting the road or the hills and if you’re a marathon runner, try boosting your speed. Or do something completely different like rock climbing. Keep setting tiny milestones and make life more challenging… in a good way.

"Explore new workouts"
"Explore new workouts"

5. Be smart 

Even though you should keep pushing yourself, it is possible to push yourself too hard. Consider adapting gradually. For example, if you intend to increase your speed and mileage, do it slowly and steadily – this way you’ll build endurance and not get injured. 

'Practice proper form while doing any type of exercise, whether you’re running or lifting weights'

"Consider adapting gradually"
"Consider adapting gradually"

6. Get a dog 

This may sound a bit off-topic but studies show that dog owners are actually 77% more likely to get a workout than folks without man’s best friend. When you have a dog, you have a lot of dog-walking to do and you just feel psychologically better, so why not?

"You have a lot of dog-walking to do"
"You have a lot of dog-walking to do"

So there you have it! You don't actually need a gym membership to live a healthy and fit life. Start slowly and adopt some of these methods and you'll increase your fitness in no time. 

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