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7 Simple Ways to Reduce Hair Loss

Men take a lot of pride with their hair and that’s why it is awfully frustrating when nature takes its course. Thinning hair, bald spots or hair loss is no laughing matter, and no one is looking forward to the day that genetics rear its ugly head. 

However, if that day is already upon you, here are 7 clever ways to minimize the effects of hair loss and keep your hair healthy:

1. Invigorate your Scalp 

If you want your hair to keep growing, use your fingertips along with a good hair conditioner that contains stimulating agents like peppermint or rosemary, and gently massage your scalp. Don't worry because the idea that you will lose more hair when washing is nothing but a myth. On the contrary, washing will give the illusion that your hair is thicker since greasy and dirty hair stays flat.

"Use a good hair conditioner"
"Use a good hair conditioner"

2. Pack Up Your Hair Dryer 

If there was a time in your life that you used a hair dryer to help style your hair, that time is over. Heat exposure makes hair prone to breakage and damage. As much as you can, allow your hair to naturally dry. 

3. Keep it Protected from the Sun 

Should you decide to bathe under the sun’s golden rays, make sure that there’s something blocking your hair from the scorching heat, like a lose and breathable hat for example. Dried hair is highly susceptible to damage and further hair loss.

"Allow your hair to naturally dry"
"Allow your hair to naturally dry"

4. Leave the Baseball Cap on the Shelf 

Many men have an emotional attachment to their prized baseball caps and if you are one of them, you have to make a decide which is more important to you: looking good wearing a cap or looking good with hair volume? If your answer the latter, then take off the sports cap for good. What you don’t know is that wearing hats and caps damages hair. More importantly, caps, helmets or hardhats can rub on hair follicles causing damage which can eventually lead to a bald spot. 

5. Choose your Styling Products 

Using waxes and gels designed for teenagers defeats the purpose of minimising the effects of hair loss. Your thinning hair can have a lot of trouble carrying these heavy styling products, but if you are determined to put some flair on your hair, buy sprays that will lift your hair’s roots such as a styling mousse.

"Avoid heavy styling products"
"Avoid heavy styling products"

6. Quit Smoking 

Easier said than done, but if you love your hair more than your need for nicotine, then you are doing yourself a huge favor. A study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health revealed that smoking elevates levels of hormones that prompt hair loss. Moreover, smoking blocks nutrient supply to your hair because it constricts small tiny blood vessels located in your scalp. It’s quite difficult to keep your hair growing if it is starving from much needed nutrition. 

7. Get a Shorter Cut 

When the first sign of hair loss is noticed, the initial instinct for some is to refrain from visiting the salon. If you can’t stop the balding process, the best thing that you can do is to make sure that people are looking somewhere else, and nothing does that better than getting a shorter cut. An unstructured style or a classic cut will make your hair appear denser while drawing attention away from your thinning hair.

"Make your hair appear denser"
"Make your hair appear denser"

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