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Peter Scott Reveals New Contemporary Cashmere Identity

Understated elegance and the pursuit of style combined with meticulous craftsmanship to produce timeless classic luxury fabrics. The tranquil Roxburghshire countryside surrounding the Peter Scott factory in Scotland exudes peacefulness and beauty. 

This landscape, rich in nature with heather clad hills, weathered granite, rolling valleys and russet tones, is a true inspiration for their designers.

For Autumn/Winter 2014 they combine a luxury aesthetic with design classics. The men’s and women’s collections embrace a combination of heritage in design with a variety of silhouettes and styles synonymous with modern lifestyles.

"A combination of heritage in design"
"A combination of heritage in design"

Their signature garments offer understated sophistication in colours of granite, grey marl, lava, selenite, sasso and nightfall - complimented by soft violet, red grouse, black grape and cinnamon; a soft tonal, chromatic colour pallet for enduring style. 

The strength of our collection is rooted in the remarkable selection of materials: the finest wool, merino and cashmere, and new cashmere and merino blends; transformed into the most exclusive and precious fabrics. 

Their designers have used innovative cable, plain and intarsia knitting to give Peter Scott sophisticated garments with effortless style.

"The finest wool, merino and cashmere"
"The finest wool, merino and cashmere"

'Peter Scott combines quality and craftsmanship with innovation and design' 

People are at the centre of every production process. All the garments are hand crafted using 24 processes in their very own factory in Hawick, Scotland. 

Their finishing process makes use of the soft Scottish water to create tactile garments with innovative constructions. The AW14 collection offers intuitive style, luxury, attention to detail and authenticity combined with exquisite fabrics to enhance the experience of wearing and owning Peter Scott.

"Hand crafted using 24 processes"
"Hand crafted using 24 processes"
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