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Introducing Hugs & Co. Footwear

A London based brand with a dedication to producing excellently crafted men’s shoes that come in a range of colours, from the classics to some highly imaginative hues.

The initial focus of the Hugs & Co. brand has been on the men’s driving loafer; its a staple of every discerning gentleman's shoe collection but before now the choice has been less than satisfactory.

Should you spend an excessive sum on on brands that only offer extremely expensive products or should you stoop to the badly made inexpensive offerings to be found on the high street? Now we have Hugs & Co. stepping in at the perfect level.

"Each hyde is inspected at their Portuguese factory"
"Each hyde is inspected at their Portuguese factory"

Lets look at some of the details: European leather is sourced in a variety of colours from the classics to the highly imaginative. Each hyde is inspected at the brand’s Portuguese factory before being hand cut and stitched together. The toe box is carefully hand stitched and Hugs & Co. tell us this is one of the most important processes. 

"Hand stitching the toe is what ensures the perfect shape to the body of the shoe, its this process that not only enhances the shape but extends the life of the shoe.

The lining is another factor that sets these shoes apart from the crowd. A soft genuine leather lining is used throughout the whole inside of each loafer. This gives more structure and ensures that the shoe will retain its shape as it is worn over the years. 

Not only that but the soft leather makes these some of the most comfortable shoes you can find, with or without socks these are some of the best on the market today.

"The toe box is carefully hand stitched"
"The toe box is carefully hand stitched"

The sole used is another differentiating factor, with slightly more generous and well placed rubber studs, these driving loafers will withstand much more wear than some other brands. 

With the shoes in this range available for just £89.99 its easy to build up quite a collection, "A huge number of our customers end up returning to add to their collection of loafers. Many seem to like having a selection of classic colours but as soon as we release another eye-catching hue like our turquoise laced loafers they cant resist adding them to what they already have."

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"Soft genuine leather lining is used throughout"
"Soft genuine leather lining is used throughout"
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