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The Fade Haircut

The short back and sides cut has been in existence for a long LONG time! Men of all hair types, textures and colours have been sporting this hairstyle for decades. A variation that has been popular for decades but has recently had a surge in popularity (much like the humble beard), is the fade haircut. 

For a fade to be a fade, the short back and sides taper in length from the longest length at the top of the head, getting shorter to the nape of the neck. What’s so versatile about the fade is that any hairstyle can be at the top of the head. a top knot, a comb over, a pompadour - the possibilities are endless.

A skilled barber is essential for a fade. You definitely can't achieve the desired look at a £5 unisex hair salon! As your trusted barber will tell you, there are 5 types of fades to choose from: The regular fade, the high fade, the low top fade, the low fade and the temple fade.

"A skilled barber is essential"
"A skilled barber is essential"

The Regular Fade: Normal and simple, the go to fade. The High Fade: The fade disappears higher up with the fading closer to the top of the head. The cut is connected into the crown or completely disconnected, allowing the hair to hang below the crown area (think David Beckham). The Low Fade: This variation is higher than the regular fade but lower than the high fade. Complicated right?

The High Top Fade: Synonymous with the 80s and 90s (think 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’). It made a comeback a few years ago, when everything was throwback 90s. But in 2014, football stars like Danny Welbeck, Daniel Sturridge and such have a Jerry curled version! The Temple Fade: Here the transition between hair lengths is very abrupt. Sometimes, the temple fade can include the fade being done on the hairline of the forehead too.

"There are 5 types of fades to choose from"
"There are 5 types of fades to choose from"

Tapering around the edges and the back of the hair strengthens the overall shape and structure of the hairstyle atop the head, i.e. a pompadour or top knot, and also makes facial hair appear thicker and bushier while also framing the face – perfect for men who have beards or want to emphasise their Neanderthal-like masculinity. 

Keeping more length through the sides will suit most face shapes. For a timeless appearance make sure your barber does not take the clippers beyond the curve of the head. For a more modern take on the fade, you could also consider a skin fade, where there is no grade on the clippers where the base of the haircut begins. 

"The short back and sides taper in length"
"The short back and sides taper in length"

Because of its roots in the 17th and 18th century, this cut is highly masculine. There’s also a recent rise in guys asking for the “Peaky Blinders Haircut”. That's why it works for my point of view as a female. It frames a man’s face too, making him look extra gorge! 

Products to perfect the look include: Pomade, Wax, Grooming Cream, Comb/Brush, Hairspray and your trusty hairdryer. Let us know if you have any tips for perfecting this look in the comments section below.

"It will suit most face shapes"
"It will suit most face shapes"

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