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Top Fitness Equipment that you can Store under your Bed

I can’t afford a gym membership. I don’t like the idea of having a personal trainer. I’m never motivated enough to actually drive to the gym. 

If this sounds a little too familiar, don’t despair. These days, getting fit doesn’t automatically mean paying exorbitant fees for a gym membership that you hardly use. 

Instead, with a little investment and knowledge, you can turn your very own home or apartment into a muscle-growing, sweat-inducing powerhouse! If you’re short on space, here are some of the items that will help you become healthier and fit under your bed at the same time – how many do you already own?

BOSU Balance Trainer 

What is this? Picture a standard Swiss/exercise ball. Now cut it in half and add a flat bottom. The result is the BOSU balance trainer, an innovation designed to increase stability and balance through the strengthening of the core. 

One popular use for this piece of equipment is to place the flat side up and then assume a planking position. The instability of the BOSU balance trainer forces you to use your core strength to keep your balance as you descend into a push-up. If you’re keen to add one to your collection of equipment, check out a specialist retailer such as Optomo Australia – your abs will thank you for it!

"Forces you to use your core"
"Forces you to use your core"


A classic piece of fitness equipment, dumbbells are free weights that are held by the hand and lifted. They consist of two weights on either end of a short bar. Dumbbells can be used for a number of exercises including bicep curls, triceps extensions, shoulder presses and kickbacks. 

As a free weight, you can simply hold a dumbbell to intensify other moves such as squats, lunges and dead lifts. Dumbbells are a key part of any home gym, so make sure you have them.

"A key part of any home gym"
"A key part of any home gym"


You don’t need to sweat it out in Body Step classes or have flights of stairs to run up and down when you own a mini-stepper. Instead, simply place your feet in the allotted grooves and get stepping on the spot! 

This is a great piece of equipment for those that like to work out in front of the television in the comfort of their own lounge. The best part? When you’re done, simply slide it under your bed!

"Work out in front of the television"
"Work out in front of the television"

Skipping Rope 

Sure, it’s not the most innovative item on this list, but a good old fashioned skipping rope can be an effective tool for anyone who is serious about getting fit. Plus, it really does take up the least amount of room possible! 

Use your skipping rope to get your heart pumping and improve your co-ordination. Challenge yourself to achieve a certain number of skips in a minute and then keep increasing the numbers. Be warned: this isn’t as easy as it sounds. 

Do you have a home gym? What other fitness equipment takes up minimal space? Whether you’re new to the fitness game or a seasoned veteran, hopefully you found this article helpful. Share your thoughts and answers by commenting below.

"Get your heart pumping"
"Get your heart pumping"

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