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3 Autumn Fashion Essentials for Men

It’s the best season of the year for fashion and that means you should be stepping up your game to ensure you’re looking your finest. Unfortunately, not everybody has a great sense of style right off the bat. 

'Thankfully we can help you through some of the finer points of what autumn style consists of' 

From outer layers that you wear on a daily basis to the smaller details like men’s designer socks that can really nail an outfit, we’ve got you covered.

Trench Coat 

When the temperature starts to drop during autumn, you have to start thinking about warmer apparel. One of the most versatile pieces of outerwear that you can buy is an attractive trench coat. In terms of return on your investment, a trench coat is going to give you one of the best bangs for your buck because you can wear it on any number of occasions and it fits the current military style trend. 

Robert Lloyd, the style director at British GQ explains the timeless appeal of the men’s trench. He writes, “The trench is a must for any wardrobe. A classic Burberry number will be one of the best investments you ever make, and will look as good in ten years' time as it does today. And it can be worn with anything - well, not shorts, unless you want to look like a flasher.” 

You might want to survey your current wardrobe to see what color trench coat would work with the majority of your clothing. If you have more earth toned clothes, a khaki trench will look nice. If your wardrobe consists of fifty shades of grey, a nice charcoal or navy one will go nicely. A black trench is a little less versatile when it comes to dressing down, but it will look great over a black or grey suit.

"The trench is a must for any wardrobe"
"The trench is a must for any wardrobe"

Men’s Designer Socks 

If you’re looking for something to really add an extra dash of sartorial splendor to your outfit, a pair of men’s designer socks are a great way to show that you really know your stuff. Designer companies like VK Nagrani have the elite cache that lets those who are in-the-know recognise that you know what you’re doing when it comes to fashion. At the same time, these socks aren’t too ostentatious so you won't look ridiculous walking down the street. 

They come in a variety of standard and unusual colours like mint green or orange in case you want to inject some colour to your style. Mario Bisio from 'Mario’s' loves the socks, “I would have never thought that a pair of socks would make me re-think the entire merchandising of my store. The attention to detail, the story and the consumer’s love affair with the VKNAGRANI brand made me want everything in my store to have the same effect.” 

When the weather isn’t too cold, one popular look is to roll the hem of your trouser legs to show off a stripe of sock between the hem and the top of the shoe. You don’t want the gap to extend much farther than an inch, but that flash of colour will make a big difference in the overall perception of your outfit.

"Wear socks that aren’t too ostentatious"
"Wear socks that aren’t too ostentatious"

Step Up Your Shoe Game 

Another one of the best ways to upgrade your autumn style while putting in the least effort, for the largest return, is to invest in a few pairs of classic shoes with a modern twist or two. While nobody wants to walk around wearing clown shoes like he's just stepped out of a three ring circus, you can take a little bit of a risk now and then when you’re picking out your footwear. 

No one is going to judge you for wearing a pair of navy blue shoes rather than a traditional black leather pair. You can still go with materials that are traditionally common like suede and leather, while still experimenting with some funkier adaptations of different factors like shape, design, and color. 

Esquire Magazine has some cool ideas for sprucing up your footwear game this fall like switching up dress shoes for a pair of leather soled boots for your work suit. The editors write, “Wearing boots with a suit achieves two things: It says you understand that uniforms look best when they're messed with, and that when it's raining or snowing, your Ferragamos should be left in the closet.” 

Playing around with the norm is the best way to get ahead in most areas of life, and men’s fashion is no different in that regard. Don’t be afraid of mixing things up and stepping out of your comfort zone a little bit. When you’re getting dressed in the morning this autumn, step things up a notch with a sleek trench coat to keep you stylish, some bold socks for a pop of colour, and a pair of shoes that make a personality statement. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

"Classic shoes with a modern twist"
"Classic shoes with a modern twist"
"Switch up dress shoes for a pair of leather soled boots "
"Switch up dress shoes for a pair of leather soled boots "


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