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Dege & Skinner Ready to Wear Shirts

Savile Row based Dege & Skinner bespoke tailoring house have a new collection of ready-to-wear shirts available now. Their new collection is made from superior quality 2-fold 100s cotton, ensuring a smoother fabric that both looks and feels better than an ordinary shirt. 

If you like wearing cufflinks then the new collection of shirts are available with double cuffs. If you prefer not to wear cufflinks all of the time, and perhaps like to save them for special events, then you’ll be glad to know that the new shirt collection also includes two button single cuffs. 

Dege & Skinner also have a new range of accessories including elegant hinged sterling silver cufflinks set with Emerald, Ruby or Sapphire, perfect if you need a new set of cufflinks to go with a new shirt.

The ready-to-wear range comprises 24 shirts available in Poplin and Royal Oxford for both the summer and the winter months.

"Superior quality 2-fold 100s cotton"
"Superior quality 2-fold 100s cotton"

Their new shirts are also available in two different collar styles – classic and cut away/spread. Classic is great for the more conservative among us, but many people find that the increased visibility of the tie given by the cut away collar is more appealing for their personal image. 

Their new dress shirts are available in ivory spun silk, white Marcella or pleated voile in a variety of colours. Not only are there traditional options such as white and blue, there are also reds, pinks, greens and yellows. 

Additionally, there’s the choice of striped, checked or gingham and coloured or plain collars. The combinations are virtually limitless, meaning you can find a shirt suitable for almost every occasion to match almost any tie choice.

Open Row event, in assoc. with Chivas Regal
Open Row event, in assoc. with Chivas Regal

Interestingly the shirts have three stud holes and removable buttons allowing for dress studs if the occasion is formal, meaning the shirt can function well in both informal and formal situations. 

The new range of accessories also includes dress shirt studs alongside silk ties and hand rolled silk pocket squares. To order a bespoke shirt or a shirt in the new ready-to-wear collection you can visit them at their shop on Savile Row in London. If you cannot get to their London shop then enquire online about their 'Travelling Shirt-making' service available in a number of areas such as Greater Manchester, Northumberland, Yorkshire and Edinburgh.

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