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Preppie Since 1913

Walking in Rome can be quite thrilling, wherever you look art is right in front of you, the memory of “Hollywood sul Tevere” is still alive in its streets, holiness is as handy as temptations are near... and if you are a young gentleman there is a brand new corner completely dedicated to you. 

Preppie (nomen omen) is all about being on the latest trends for the man who seeks the right “toy for boy” and its selection is perfectly balanced between contemporary and timeless stylish accessories. Its owner Andrea set the space as a small well-cared parlour, hanging black and white pictures of well-dressed men from the beginning of the century and choose ultra-minimal shabby furniture.

Talking with him while trying a Daniel Wellington watch, his best selling product and his exclusive on the entire city of Rome, you can discover that those men in the pictures are members of his family. “Preppie since 1913” is not just a mock of the name of some of the most influential houses of fashion but it’s a kind of trademark of his family.

"Well-dressed men from the beginning of the century"
"Well-dressed men from the beginning of the century"

Apart from watches (he also sells Ingersoll Watches), the entiere selection of the shop is all about Made in Italy design: wooden specs and iPhone covers by Il Gufo; pochettes, ties and socks by FeFè; wallets by Nati con la Camicia; rings and bracelets by Double U Frenk. 

Preppie also supports local designers by selling their unique handmade creations – the wallet-chains of Bemadd are the new entry of the month. Each brand inside Preppie comes from a selection made between fashion fairs and social networks, "Instagram and fashion blogs are not just a window on other’s style: by following their users I’m able to understand where fashion trends are going, discover new brands and bring them to my shop," said Andrea. Will the gent 2.0 be the new frontier of style?

"Members of his family"
"Members of his family"
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