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Discover Standout Apparel

Fashion label Standout Apparel is here to bridge the gap between the music and fashion worlds. They believe in a movement and have been inspired by the underground house/electro music scene in London. 

They're focused on building an unprecedented image which transforms a popular youth culture following into iconic apparel, which in it’s own right "Stands Out." They're driving cultural trends to create a unique movement that reflects the youth of today.

As we all know, the world is moving in a technological fashion.

"They're driving cultural trends"
"They're driving cultural trends"

Standout Apparel is conforming to that trend. To bridge the gap between these mammoth worlds, they’re stitching an SD memory card into a range of their garments. This card features what they call, their Standout Sessions. 

‘Standout Sessions’ is a group of carefully selected up-and-coming artists within the house/electro music scene. This team has uploaded exclusively produced mixes to their cards which feature a unique view of the brand foundations and an insight into the movement they are creating.

"Born from a love of music and fashion"
"Born from a love of music and fashion"

They are all about building from the bottom and believe fundamentally in the potential of young talent. The SD card is being used to platform the talent of their team into mainstream exposure. 

Standout Apparel was born from a love of music and fashion. Founder Alex MacDonald was bored with the way other brands simply affiliated themselves with the music industry via endorsers that never showed a true interest. He wanted to establish a brand that people could truly relate to.

"Set up by Founder Alex MacDonald"
"Set up by Founder Alex MacDonald"

They have created a team the brand can thrive off, a brand that gives back to the people rather than simply leaching off the success of big icons. The logo is creative, eye-catching and thought stimulating. 

By removing the ‘and’ from Standout and replacing it with '&' they have created a unique logo that in it’s own right stands out. Standout Apparel aims to target students and young adults from the ages of 18-27. The prime market has a key interest in nightclubs, festivals and House music DJ’s. With the rise and rise of House music in popular culture over the past year, Standout Apparel intends to grow with this trend and see it spread to the masses. 

The collection is currently made up of seven iconic tee’s and vests that portray the brands logo and SD card across a colour palette of black, white, navy and grey. The line will be extended to sweatshirts, hoodies and beanies in January of 2015. 

They have interest from a number of other large retailers within the UK and plan to expanding further into Europe in the summer of 2016. Standout Apparel is establishing a movement that hopefully the youth of today can be inspired by.


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