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Holland Esquire Autumn/Winter 2014

For those not familiar, Holland Esquire is one of the finest tailoring companies in the UK. Renowned tailor Nick Holland founded the Company in 2001, and he still designs and discusses every aspect of the collection today. 

What makes the collections so great is the attention to the finest of details on every area of the design, from the fit to the finer detailing and styling to the selection of the perfect fabrics available from all around the world. 

'Many of the fabrics used are designed specifically for and are unique to Holland Esquire'

In order to keep Holland Esquire exclusive, the products are made in very limited numbers - but this does also mean that limited numbers and sizes are available in all stock, so get in early not to miss out!

This Autumn/Winter, Nick Holland of Holland Esquire has launched a highly versatile collection around the English countryside. Boasting materials of bold tweeds to withstand the British weather, colours and patterns include earthy neutrals, navy checked blazers and paisley shirts. 

For the more daring man why not try a charcoal grey blazer with red stars for a splash of colour? The range has been carefully thought out with pockets, elbow patches and velvet collars. Nick has styled the collection to show his interpretation of how it could be worn through a range of images seen here, including a signature paisley shirt twinned beautifully with a blazer in earthy tones.

All Holland Esquire jackets are cut to a slim fit style in a range of cuts compared to many other high street brands. Each cut is designed to fit slightly differently to offer different looks from 'Country Gent' to a 'Modern City Gent'. 

The Gamekeeper Jacket is their regular cut jacket with a straight body shape and less tapered at the waist. This is ideal for activities when you need more movement with a classical look. However, on the other hand their Trend Jacket is perfect for the modern gentleman as it is slim fitting with a short body length and slimmer lapel. This design is catered and more flattering for the modern city man who wants to create a smart and contemporary look.

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