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The New York Festive Window Display Battle

Right after Thanksgiving, the 4th Thursday of November, New York City explodes into a sparkling and dazzling Christmas extravaganza. And every year the city’s most prestigious department stores battle with each other for the most inventive and alluring window displays.

Strolling through Midtown is indeed the best show in town, and my personal favorite this year is, again, Bergdorf-Goodman with a ravishing deco spectacle dedicated to the arts.

Bergdorf-Goodman, New York 2014
Bergdorf-Goodman, New York 2014

But after indulging in these over-the-top windows, I became curious to see what the more typical and accessible brands are offering for the holiday festivities. 

After cruising in and out of the gleaming stores on 5th avenue, and after having listened for the millionth time to another Christmas tune, the two brands that grabbed my attention for almost opposite reasons were J. Crew and Topman.

Illustration by Stefano Imbert
Illustration by Stefano Imbert

The latter has many offerings perfect for parties for a more creative and edgy crowd, like a red skinny single-breasted suit jacket with an intricate ornate vintage design (also available as a three piece suit), the Navy Jaquard Skinny Tuxedo, or the more colorful Cobalt Textured Shawl Tuxedo Suit. 

Topman’s point of view carries a delicious sense of humor mixed with a vintage flair that set its designs apart from the ordinary offerings, and makes its style very appealing for a younger and more fashion-conscious pack.

"A ravishing deco spectacle"
"A ravishing deco spectacle"

J. Crew, on the other hand, speaks to a different kind of man; a more preppy man who approaches fashion with a classic twist but with an eye on a more current style. For the December party-goers their suggestions for suits and blazers are many, but the ones that really stand out are the shawl tuxedo in black English tartan wool and the functional blue velvet shawl blazer, that can be brightened up with a red tartan tie or bowtie.

For both designers, the natural choice for a shoe to go with these outfits is a velvet slipper, available from both J. Crew and Topman. But my suggestion is to check Cole Haan’s special metallic super light ZeroGrand collection, perfect for any Christmas event. 

And speaking of sense of humor, nothing would be better at your favorite holiday party than sporting Cole Haan’s Original Grand Long Wingtip in bright shiny gold. No matter what you might be wearing, your feet would be screaming more loudly, Happy Holidays!

*Broadway, Bergdorf-Goodman, Window Display images via Shutterstock

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