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8 Essential Tips to Keep Hair Healthy

Men love their hair. Many will even go to the extent of caring for it like it’s the most important part of their body, so when problems with your "Alf Garnett" occurs, the situation can cause a great deal of concern for chaps. 

'Learn more about how to keep every inch of hair on your head healthy'

Wash it with Egg 

Numerous hair products in the market have made this practice almost obsolete. Nevertheless, people from a generation or so ago cracked eggshells to give their hair a protein bath. If you are skeptical, ask old-timers in your family. You would be surprised at the endorsement this old ritual will get. 

Stop Rubbing 

Typically, men are always in a rush whenever they get out of the shower. Unfortunately, towel drying your hair violently is a bad idea because it will lead to hair breakage. Hair is weaker and more vulnerable to damage when wet so if you want to keep it healthy and full, take time to pat dry.

"Towel drying your hair violently is a bad"
"Towel drying your hair violently is a bad"

Keep it Warm 

When it’s exceptionally cold outside, nothing beats a hot shower. However, hot water takes away essential oil from your scalp and hair which can cause dryness. Use warm water instead. It will get the job done without causing chaos. 

Manage Stress 

It is easier said than done but the health of your hair depends on your scalp. Stress can cause tightening of the scalp and thinning of hair. If you can’t keep stressors out of your life, the least you can do is to get revitalising head massages. With regular treatment, it will promote blood circulation on your scalp, giving your hair much needed nutrition and oxygen.

"Use warm water instead of hot"
"Use warm water instead of hot"

Soak Hair before Swimming 

You may not be aware of this but the chlorine rich water of the pool can wreak havoc to your hair’s health. Basic chemistry dictates that chlorine bonds with proteins. The end result is hair lifted and stripped with its protective outer layer. This is exactly the reason why hair is brittle, dry and dull when you get out of the pool. To protect your hair from the unwanted effects of chlorine, thoroughly wet your hair and apply conditioner before taking the plunge. 

Apply Shampoo to Dry Hair 

Hair wax is widely used these days. Application is easy and the wax delivers promised results. The problem lies on the removal. To address this issue, follow this simple trick: Apply shampoo while hair is still dry, rinse, apply shampoo again, and then rinse again. The four step process will effectively breakdown the wax and clean your hair.

"Chlorine can wreak havoc to your hair’s health"
"Chlorine can wreak havoc to your hair’s health"

Avoid Daily Washing 

Many men have grown to the idea that washing hair daily with shampoo is the right practice. On the contrary, daily hair washing will achieve the exact opposite as will leave hair dry. For healthy, silky smooth looking hair, reduce washing and use conditioner regularly. 

Get in Early 

Stylists and barbers are most upbeat during the first half of their shift, so if you want dedicated attention, you need to set an early appointment. With no other customers to attend to, your hairdresser will give you the best service.

"Barbers upbeat during the first half of their shift"
"Barbers upbeat during the first half of their shift"

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