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Bench AW14 Multipurpose City Clothing

This season, the Bench AW14 Menswear collection is driven by a demand for multipurpose functional, clothing suited to the fast pace of everyday life. Split into two ranges that have been designed with an integrated approach, both provide for the active and style conscious city dweller. 

The first of the two ranges, Multipurpose Life, brings together a selection of products equipping the wearer for 24 hours in the city. The second range, Multipurpose Performance, utilises performance fabrics with features like waterproofing and breathability whilst maintaining its versatility. A fully integrated approach sees a trickle down of technology such as DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatments and low bulk insulation from the Multipurpose Performance side of the collection into Multipurpose Life.

Throughout the Performance collection the motto "Born in the City, Built for the Mountains" is utilised to underpin an effortless transfer of contemporary street styling into performance fabrics and silhouettes and emphasize the adaptability of the range. All items within these collections are designed functionally to deliver security, enhance safety and adaptability for 24 hours. 

Prints & Graphics 

Prints and graphics in the Multipurpose Life range include an all-over Mirky Twill print, a Soundwave stripe print inspired by city sounds and placement graphics highlighting a journey through the city with photographic prints and slogans such as ‘No Limits’ and ‘Keep Rolling’.

"Born in the City, Built for the Mountains"
"Born in the City, Built for the Mountains"


Protection and Insulation are the key fabric topics for AW14 with a DWR finish applied to a variety of cotton and synthetic fabrics with breathable PU coatings also applied to provide further protection from the elements. Traditional fabrics such as denim have been engineered to have technical properties. Utilising Schoeller Ecorepel Technology applied to 11.5oz stretch cotton denim. 

To remain secure and safe when battling the elements and everyday conditions of the city, the AW14 collection introduces Reflect waterproof, breathable herringbone shell fabric with 3M reflective yarn woven into the surface and Dazzle a reflective knitwear yarn knitted into tipping stripes and pom poms within accessories. Additional reflective placement prints are also seen throughout. 

Comfort equally remains paramount with improved wadding weights and the introduction of low bulk Microdown combined with Stretcha, a stretch waterproof, breathable laminated fabric. 


Colour inspiration comes from the city with concrete greys and midnight blues providing the backdrop for neon light pops of yellow and turquoise. Product Focus The key product within the Multipurpose Life range is the Quadruple jump Hoody. This bonded knit is 70% acrylic/30% wool with windproof, breathable laminate and high pile fleece inner. Complete with adjustable hood with woven overlay for added protection and shaped, double inner cuff with thumb loop for added protection in cold conditions. 

The key outfit in the Multipurpose Life range that best represents and brings to life the Multipurpose City clothing concept and highlights the specific functional aspects consists of; the Doublefull zip-in inner Insulator jacket which can be worn on its own or layered up with other items in the range. 

The key product within the Multipurpose Performance range is the Soot Fleece Hoody. This bonded nanofleece features a windproof, breathable laminate and microfleece back. Complete with offset CF zip and chinguard for added comfort, shaped cuff with adaptable reflective trim, integrated bandana, inner wind cuffs and thumbloops for added protection in cold conditions. 

The key outfit in the Multipurpose Performance range features examples of Bench’s adaptive design ethos like integrated bandanas, off-set zips and the best in technical construction. The product is built for 24/7 activity, whether you’re above the snowline or out late at night. The outfit consists of; the Techtonic Jacket with windproof, breathable laminate, high-pile fleece and a zip-in inner insulator jacket which can also be worn on its own, articulated sleeves and adaptable reflective trim to cuff.


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