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A Guide to Gentleman’s Racing Style

With the New Year upon us, there's already a great new range of styles available in men's fashion. And one place where you'll get to check out the latest trends will be at the nation's racing events. Traditionally, this has been a very high-brow affair where all are encouraged to dress in their finest. But recently there has been a relaxation of some of the stricter rules, and so it's important to keep up with the latest styles to make sure you're looking sharp for the big event.

Classic Racing Style 

The classic racing fashion is undoubtedly the traditional tailored three-piece suit with top hat. This will make you look distinguished, and it also has the hidden benefit of keeping you warm at particularly chilly race meets. 

However, even with such a tried-and-tested formula there are a few trouble-spots to avoid. Make sure that your shirt and tie are contrasting, yet complementary colours. This will ensure that you've given thought to your style and aren't merely dressing up for a job interview! And detail is everything when dressing to impress. A matching pocket square, or even a set of horse-themed Ralph Lauren cufflinks can add a subtle sense of class without making you look like you're trying too hard.


Contemporary Style 

As races are becoming more relaxed and inclusive affairs, there's also more opportunity to stretch the boundaries of racing style and adopt a few of the more cutting edge designs. Smartness is still a must however, so maybe go for chinos rather than jeans. This will make sure you still get admitted to the Premier Enclosure which all operate a fairly strict dress policy. 

And opting for a decent House of Fraser wool blazer will also ensure that you're looking sharp without the stuffiness that wearing a suit often entails. And then there is the all-important matter of the tie. It's the perfect occasion to go for something bold and dashing like a bright colour or floral print. This will undoubtedly help you get into the zone and give you that extra bit of confidence when calculating the odds for the next big race.


The Country Look 

The race day is often the place where the city and the country looks meet. So it's important to try and get a little bit of country style into your look to make sure that you don't appear to have just walked off the high street. 

Tweed is a great texture to wear for this. It is not only enjoying something of a renaissance on the catwalk courtesy of brands like Alan Paine, but it also has the benefit of giving you that extra bit of warmth during the early race meetings. And if you match that up with some comfortable and refined brown brogues, you'll have perfected a distinguished yet relaxed look for just about any racing event.


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