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Win a Year’s Free Pact Coffee

Have you ever tried really good coffee? Coffee tastes best (so good) when it’s fresh from roasting. The coffees that you get in supermarkets are typically months old by the time they’ve reached your basket, which is why they never like to write the roasting date on the packet. That’s why we’ve teamed up with London start-up Pact who are on a mission to get the UK drinking better coffee.

Ready to take the plunge and can’t wait? We have an exclusive offer for MWS members - enjoy amazing fresh coffee, delivered to your door by Pact Coffee for 50% off.

Pact believe fresh tastes best so they are giving our readers their first 250g bag of our fresh hand-roasted coffee for £3.50 (including P&P), a saving of £3.48 on the regular price (6.95). 

They’re on a mission to get the UK drinking better coffee by making incredible, freshly roasted coffee accessible to everyone. Their world-class single origin beans are bought only from the most dedicated coffee farmers and they’re then hand-roasted in the UK with same day shipping. Their coffee isn’t ground until the last possible moment before being sent straight to you to enjoy - or if you prefer to grind your own, they can send them as beans. 

There are a variety of five or six different coffee beans on offer at any given time. They’re the best in the world, grown by speciality farmers who dedicate a lot of time and care to their craft. And Pact pays its farmers a minimum of 125% of the Fair Trade rates for the quality.

Visit pactcoffee.com, use the exclusive code ‘MENSWEARSTYLE’ and you will be sipping beautiful fresh coffee by this time tomorrow! 

How to Enter 

For your chance to win a year-long Pact subscription worth £180 just enter your name and email here and you’ll go into the draw. A lucky winner will be picked at random 3rd March at 4pm.

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