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Vertu Puts the Individual at its Heart

Vertu offers a wide selection of personalisation services across its mobile phone collections. Services range from Engraving, Monogramming and Made-to-Order, to a bespoke Atelier option. E-commerce capability and an online configurator allows you to design, personalise and purchase your own, bespoke Vertu, via vertu.com

Since the late 90s, when the English luxury mobile phone company, Vertu, first appeared, the brand has taken an uncompromising approach to the choice of materials, technology and services that have gone into each of its models.

More than 16 years later, Vertu continues to lead the luxury mobile phone industry, making products of such precision and elegance that many have become collectors’ items in their own right. Building on a heritage of creating one-off commissions, the Hampshire-based company has taken its artisan, customer-led approach to new levels announcing a host of personalisation services across its entire range. 

This initiative is supported by a new, e-commerce enabled, global website that allows Vertu’s global customer base to design, personalise and order a new Vertu using an online configurator.

Speaking from the company’s Hampshire headquarters, Vertu’s Chief Executive Officer, Massimiliano Pogliani, said, “Vertu is a luxury brand that puts its customers at the heart of its thinking. As we have brought new and innovative products, with powerful cutting-edge technology, to market over the past 18 months, we have also sought to further elevate our customer experience along the way; introducing new and previously unheard of levels of personalisation to the mobile phone."  

"We all seek and expect greater choice in our purchases and yet mobile phones, probably our most personal and most intensively used possession, continue to be mass produced in their millions, with little or no scope for individual input. Vertu wants to address this, allowing our customers to have their Vertu, their way - not the way of everyone else.”

Vertu’s personalisation offer is designed to allow customers to create something as individual as they are, from Engraving, Monogramming and Made-to-Order, to a bespoke Atelier option. Pogliani continued, “We have created a portfolio of personalisation options, including a choice of colours, leathers, metals and finishes so you can create a Vertu phone that is a true expression of your own personal style." 

"It is also possible to add initials or an engraved message, which is perfect for the gifting seasons. To make the creative process as easy as possible these selections can be made via our online configurator or in a Vertu boutique. Once you have completed your design, a single, master craftsman, in England, will, with meticulous attention to detail, faithfully create your unique Vertu.”

Monogrammed leather finishes are an option for both Aster and its inclusive case. There is a choice of six colours of calf leather, as well as three styles of stripe, available in a palette of 20 vibrant shades. Up to three initials are available, along with back-plate engraving.

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