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FIVAS Brings Style to the Pitch

Polyester has been standard in football apparel for years. Times have changed: Merino wool is here to defeat it. FIVAS have just launched a collection of football-inspired sport shirts that makes you look and feel good both on and off the pitch. No matter the footballing situation; whether travelling to the game, performing on the pitch or having a debrief pint in the pub after the game. FIVAS is the elegant alternative you’ve been waiting for.

Designed in the UK and ethically handcrafted in Portugal, FIVAS “made for players” jerseys are constructed from superfine merino wool, which helps regulate body temperature in both hot and cold conditions, and offers far greater odour resistance than synthetics.

FIVAS was born out of a series of frustrations of playing football in polyester garments from well-known sportswear brands: looking like a hooligan, smelling like you hadn’t washed for weeks and fact that buying a football shirt is ultimately lining the pockets of overpaid professional footballers. 

So the team at FIVAS set about creating a football shirt that they wanted to wear. They spent a year designing, hand making and ripping up shirts and eventually came up with the shirt they loved: a breathable playing jersey made from the finest merino wool, combining technology with comfort for peak performance. 

FIVAS draws its inspiration from the jerseys players used to wear in the 1940’s and 1950’s when professional footballers were still gentlemen, to create a timeless and essential piece of sport apparel.

In homage to that era of great English players who played the game with integrity, FIVAS has named its products after two of the best: Sir Tom Finney and Nat Lofthouse. 

Challenging traditional football kits, FIVAS products use superfine merino wool - not the same type of itchy wool your beloved Christmas jumper is made of… Soft next to the skin, anti-static and breathable, merino possesses unequalled qualities to help you regulate body temperature and provides far greater odour resistance than synthetics. 

The complex physical and chemical structure of merino wool reduces bacteria growth by up to 90%. Any sweat that does build up is locked away in the fabric. So your jersey will remain fresher far longer than any cotton or polyester shirt!

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