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Label:Men, Developed by Stylists for the Salon

label:m was launched as a professional haircare brand developed by stylists with high quality skills for use within the salon as well as for the consumer at home. This month they have launched their first ever label.men collection for professional stylists and barbers by a dynamic International Artistic team, led by Toni Mascolo and Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck. The aim was to create classic barbering products using advanced innovation with high effects for men’s hair and grooming. In the range they have used a formula that boasts a complex of 'Elements' hair building botanicals, with innovative Mirconization technology to create instant results and give maximum care and functionality.

Haircare Range 

Within the haircare range they have Scalp Purifying Shampoo and Invigorating conditioner. The Scalp Purifying shampoo is curated between a mixture of cedar wood oil and Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3; which we often find in anti-wrinkle creams.

With this is mind the product is designed to build thickness and strengthen the hair as well as protect the follicles. Lastly, leaving your scalp feeling refreshed and toned for a healthy feel, flake free and cleansed. A key ingredient is the Philippine Clove; the nutrients increases activity within the hair follicles to increase the thickness. The Invigorating Conditioner has strong science behind the product; from cypress extracts and again Acetyl Tertrapepitide-3 to stimulate the scalp and follicles to restore any lacking moisture. For extra vitality and a healthy balanced scalp for shiny results. A key active added ingredient is peppermint for a cooling sensation for a glossy finish. 

Grooming Range 

Onto grooming; label.men want to target those after lasting results. Their Grooming Cream is lightweight within built in Licorice for control and a natural finish, it also nourishes, while building the thickness of the hair. It can be used either alone or in preparation to create texture to pre-styled hairstyle.

Thickening Tonic; a unique formula that turns from gel to liquid built from cashmere wool and hydrolysed Keratin to build thickness and create definition. This product best works well with big matt hair styles where you want a firm hold; whilst keeping it looking soft and effortless. 

Long gone are the days of wet look hair gels; today the best way to style hair is with Pomade. The label.men classic Sculpting Pomade contains extracts of malt for controlled hairstyles with a level of shine and hold; recommended to work best on well-groomed styles. For lasting thickness their Deconstructor ‘mud’ as it’s called, quite literally contains Hungarian Moor Mud, for a separated and textured look. Probably best on those with fringe hair styles to remain as naturally looking as possible. Lastly in the grooming range is their Max Wax, perfect for definition and control all day; for a shiny finish but not greasy looking. This product contains myrrh resin and natural gum making it versatile for all hair types and styles; even for those with difficulty when styling thick, coarse and wavy hair.

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