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Create Your Own Eyewear with Banton Frameworks

Best friends and partners, design duo, Lucy Ross and Jamie Bartlett have tailored their British made spectacle designs towards an exciting and more personal purchase process. Their system lets you choose from seven frame designs from six different materials such as wood, metal or different colours of acetate. Afterward you can choose from three colours of metal temples with black or tan coloured leather earpieces.

“Your choice of component combination can be made to best match your skin tone, your attire, your job, your watch, even your purse or wallet.” - Jamie Bartlett.

Based in Glasgow, Lucy and Jamie have spent three years sourcing the appropriate and willing manufacturers from around the country. They have worked closely with their British suppliers with continuing and fulfilling business to business relationships. In their own small workshop, a shed in their garden, the frames, temples and earpieces are assembled to order. 

“British product manufacture and craft is thankfully gaining more momentum and is increasing in value. We focus on designing, developing and progressing alongside our suppliers as well as you, the wearer. Think of it as buying a pick and mix at the sweet shop. We all have our own tastes. We want this to be functional as well as fun. To us, that’s good design” - Lucy Ross.

For their launch, Lucy and Jamie are going to embark on a 30 day campaign via the crowd funding platform Kickstarter. Utilising interchangeable components, Banton Frameworks offer multiple eyewear combinations allowing the wearer to compose their own frame. The campaign will offer a starter pack for opticians who want to stock their frames. The frames start from £45 (a hefty 60% discount on their RRP) and for for a pledge of £300 they’ll work with you to produce glasses from your own designs. 

“It’s very current for people to search for something that is going to set them aside from the next person. We design and produce our eyewear to entitle our wearers to create their own product in terms of look and tone. Your glasses are a very personal thing. The wearer should have a choice in what they put on their face every day.”

Banton Frameworks began with a curiosity to create individual eyewear. They believe in giving you the choice to compose your own frame. Over the last three years they have developed a range of designs, materials, colours and finishes for their products, which total over 250 combinations. 

They have sourced specialist processes from across the country and use the finest quality materials: genuine leather earpieces, machined metal temples, paired with highest grade aluminium, acetate or smoked oak frames. Banton Frameworks brings British made quality to a unique collection of frames that can be tailored by you.


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