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Men’s Spring/Summer 2015 Jewellery Guide

When it comes to accessorising for men there are a number of different options dependant on your style. Whether it’s a watch, cufflinks, pocket squares or jewellery - if you invest in good quality accessories the finer details never go unnoticed. So when it comes to jewellery, if you’re the sporty, modern or classical type there are ways in which you can accessorise to your taste.


Classic options are usually minimal so keep accessories low-key and understated. Cufflinks and tie pins for example can add different dynamics and textures to clean cut fabrics. Cufflinks come in so many different styles, from elegant to to luxurious - or in different colours to add personality to a white shirt.

If it’s colour and finesse designs you're looking for, Paul Smith always create new styles that you can incorporate into everyday tailoring. They can also compliment your interests from golfing to cricket. Alternatively, if you want something less fussy Armani have styles that are more muted with their signature logo in black and silver. 

Tie pins also have an array of different options dependent on your taste. They're usually offered with a little less colour than cufflinks with the aim to not clash with the colours of your tie. This is why you’ll find them in either gold or silver plated. Online store Forzieri have some great self-branded designs, some more subtle than others but also unique and interesting enough to play with your interests.


Jewellery for the modern man often changes through movements in fashion. However, leather never fades with style and it gives a masculine and elegant yet casual look for a contemporary aesthetic for everyday wear. Italian luxury brand Think Positive create jewellery in both sterling silver and leather and were founded in 2011 by Antonio Marsocci who wanted to combine his two passions together and build an ethos behind his designs to promote optimism. The pieces are all individually created so they’re a great keepsake and great for everyday use. Antonio believes sterling silver is pure and precious and he has adapted the material by combining colour (chocolate and black) for the modern man to wear with either formalwear or casualwear.

Leather bracelets create a modern style and with summer on the way they'll look great with a casual shirt, rolled up sleeves and jeans. Combined with silver fastenings and detailing you get the two-tone of elegance and masculinity. 

On the other hand of masculine accessories we are seeing less and less of a divide between men and women’s fashion; with androgyny on the rise adding a feminine touch to a man’s wardrobe. For example, men's rings never go out of style and you can often find titanium or sterling silver with detailing that can be worn for either gender. 

MDV Jewels as designed by style icon Mariano Di Vaio, produce unique ring designs with mesh detailing and pearls for a little more character. Other products include wallet chains, arm cuffs and tribal necklaces with precious stones which you can easily incorporate into a tailored three piece suit for a modern twist or a casual linen shirt and jeans combo.


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