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A Guide to the Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Made popular by David Beckham in the nineties, the faux hawk or ‘fohawk’ hairstyle. Emerging from a popular style during the punk rock era of the 1980s the ‘Mohawk’, the fohawk is a slightly more simple style with the not so drastic shaved sides and harsh lines. In this case it’s as easy as fading back the sides and taper the top with the relevant products; a much softer and professional look says Hairstyle On Point.

The Cut 

When it comes to cutting the faux hawk it’s not complicated, you really are asking for a "short, back and sides" and longer on the top and the middle; all to be styled with scissors as opposed to a razor.

If preferred you can create the fade style at the sides if you wanted a bolder look. With regular trips to the barbers it’s an easy haircut to maintain. In some cases dependent on how easy it is to style your hair you may not need to cut back the sides, the look can be achieved yourself by brushing backwards. 

The Styling 

Thankfully it’s a versatile cut dependent on the occasion e.g. if you like to change your hair between your working day and when you’re socialising, you can brush it back at the top or parted to one side for the office and when the evening arrives use a little more product or water spray to enhance the hair product and restyle it for the evening. Alternatively you can pull the front down a little for a slight fringe for a soft and relaxed finish.

This isn’t a style suited just for those with straight hair, if you have curly or wavy hair this hairstyle is still achievable. Of course, if your hair is quite curly it’ll be a little harder so use some straighteners at the front to enable you to achieve more flexibility through the hair. 

It’s said you’re best not having freshly washed hair because it’ll hold better, but if you do wash it, towel dry it so it’s a little damp as it’s easier to work with. The best products to use are those for a "strong lasting hold" especially if you have fly-away hair. So pick a gel, wax, pomade or cream that also builds on texture. Taking a small amount of product, rub between the palms of your hands to warm it first and stroke through the top of your hair, concentrating on the middle and front so that it stays up and create a triangle shape with your hands, but keep this soft and textured. With your fingers brush the sides down diagonally to add texture throughout, and at the flatten down with your fingers to keep it neat.

Lastly, at the front grab sections and twist them slightly to create a little movement and texture, you may need to use a bit more product where necessary. It’s entirely down to preference if you would rather leave the front down slightly or push it up away from your face. You can also finish with a touch of hairspray for extra hold. 

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