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What to Wear While Exercising

We all know when exercising the main focus is what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, not what you’re wearing. However, some types of clothing can be restricting, aiding sweat and friction or cause chafing and so forth. So we’re giving you a run-down of our advice and our favourite choices at the moment. Mainly when looking for the perfect fitness wear it comes down to comfort and what gives you ease for movement so try not to opt for anything too tight and restricting, but on the other hand anything too loose can also get in the way for certain exercises, equipment or the environment you’re in.

For example, if you’re working out at the gym, keep to clothing that isn’t too tightly fitted to let your body move freely. Ultimately it does depend on what exercises you're doing, so if you’re using a bike wear something as simple as ‘cycling’ shorts from spandex material so the garment doesn’t rub. You can always cover up with looser fitting trousers or shorts over the top if you want to be less revealing. Avoid rubber based materials as these won’t allow your body to breathe.


If you’re more of an outdoors lover and prefer to go running or even just for walks outside, your fitness wardrobe will be very different. It really depends on what season it is too. If its winter wear thinner layers that you can always remove as you go. If it's raining always take a light raincoat out with you, the last thing you want is to be under a layer of wet clothing. If it's cold think about wearing a wool hat since this is where you lose the most body-heat. 

Product suggestions for this include a selection by the brand Ice Breaker - they boast a collection of their fitness clothing made from merino wool which regulates temperature, breathes to prevent overheating and resists odour for days. Base layer t-shirts are great for layering in either warmer or cooler temperatures, while leggings have the same effect to wear under looser fitted clothing. Light zip-through hoodies are also perfect for layering. Ultimately look for products which are of highly quality by fitness apparel specialists. If you’re wanting to spend a little less, cotton based products are also recommended.


In warmer seasons, wear light clothing in cotton - but no in dark colours that will absorb light as this will make you feel hotter. Also sunglasses for UV protection against sunlight. For this there is the Rinchen Long Sleeve Tee for example, made from stretch mesh polyester which again allows your body to breathe easily, so in turn is perfect for outdoor exercise. 

This type of fabric utilizes natural silver salt to inhibit the growth of odour-causing micro-organisms, so you’ll be at ease not to worry about body odour. Lastly, socks are really important and will prevent you from getting blisters. Look for "running socks" at a specialist store, they'll cost a bit more but you’ll be thankful for the protection.



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