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How to Wear White Jeans

The colour we're most afraid to wear is certainly white, particularly living in the United Kingdom it can be hit and miss with how the weather may pan out. The colour isn't the most practical of shades and yes, they can look a bit stark. But they're just as practical in the warmer months as they are in the coolers months, if you wear white jeans the right way you will look and feel classy.

As this is white we're talking about, the best piece of advice is to make sure they are kept clean and bright. They can look good distressed providing they're meant to be that way - however, it’s not okay to look "rough around the edges" in dirty white. We recommend you always choose slim fitting with minimal details too.


If you want to wear white jeans casually, pair them with something neutral; such as a grey or navy oxford shirt or a long sleeved tee for a relaxed look. As white is a blank canvas just like black, you have endless options - the shade really can go with almost anything you already own. You can also roll the trousers up a little which is a great look if you want to go sockless. 

White does work best in the hotter climates so maybe take some inspiration from our friends on the continent, match your jeans with a white smart shirt and tonal coloured blazer in a taupe, grey or stone. This outfit option is a style that does only ultimately work when it's sunny and warm outside. Just add a belt to break up the white on white and a pocket square for a colourful accessory. The whole outfit will look classy but also effortless at the same time.


If you're feeling brave enough why not rock the double denim? We're not talking double white denim but for an ultra-casual look, throw on a light blue jacket or shirt and pair it with some chukka or desert boots. The key to making white look good is most definitely texture, this will break up what could make you look too "matchy matchy." There are certain colours which work well with white e.g. for shoes wear tan, navy or grey tones to complement the white fabric and work with bold colours for the remaining garments.


Shoe wise, go for a relaxed loafers or boat shoes, nothing too smart or occasion wear - white jeans are mainly seen as a casual garment so the best options are in matte leather or suede. Trainers are also a good choice if you want your look to be further casual.


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