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See The World Through Your Favourite Instagram Filter

The world looks a much brighter place on Instagram. You can add a filter to make a slightly blurry selfie look like a cover shoot from Vogue and a dodgy youth hostel appear like a 5 star hotel, #everyonelovesafilter. Scottish sunglasses company, Tens, have come up with the genius idea of designing ‘filter’ glasses where your vision can be transported into the magical platform of Instagram.

They have just launched their second collection with a hilarious nostalgic 3-minute video, inspired by 1980’s adverts. As one of the Tens director’s states, “If Tens were invented in the VHS era, this would have been our TV ad.” It is a very clever campaign that perfectly compliments the retro design of the sunglasses themselves.

The new unisex collection consists of five simple but stylish frames – Mason, Bailey (my personal favourite), Hunter, Cruiser and Fairline. Prices start at £80 and go up to £110 for the Fairline. Each style offers a variety of coloured frame, all perfect for the fast-approaching Summer weather! The innovative tinted lenses supposedly work with the warmth of the sun to offer you a more uplifting vision outdoors i.e. sitting on Brighton beach will actually feel like the Cote D’Azur.

Although perhaps slightly making jest at the wonders of Instagram... these glasses are for everyday use, not just to be thrown into your Glastonbury backpack to add cool points to your "alternative" outfit. They are 100% UV protected and the lenses are made from CR-39 polymer, making them scratch resistant. The main structure is made from optical grade Italian acetate with a Japanese wire frame and a strong five-barrel hinge.

Entering the industry as a kickstarter in May 2014, the first collection from Tens exploded on the internet overnight on Indiegogo - they are now available to purchase on their snazzy new website. Having already attracted celebrity fans, including Richard Branson, and with a relatively low price point, I can see these sunglasses becoming extremely popular. Who wouldn’t want their mood instantly improved by sporting a cool new pair of sunnies? Perhaps we will actually start to smile at passers-by on the streets of London. What a crazy thought!

Bec Loades

With a strong passion for fashion, Bec has retail experience in styling and enjoys researching new style trends and seeking out upcoming menswear brands.

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