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Skin Complexions and Styling

It’s really important when choosing what to wear that you are choosing not just what you like and want but also what works with your skin tone. Stylists spend time studying their client’s skin colour shade before styling them, and there's a number of ways to identify which colours look best on you. Firstly concentrate on the tones in your skin, in good daylight take a look at the veins on your wrist, they will either be a green tone or blue tone. If your veins are green you are a 'warm' skin type and if your veins show as blue you are a 'cool' skin type.

These are general guidelines but there can be further specific attributes to think of when you also bring eye and hair colour into the equation.


But that being said, generally those who fall under the 'cool' tone category are better suited to blues, purples, greens and silvers; and those who fall into the 'warm' category can wear reds, yellows, browns and golds. Whichever you fall into try to put the brighter colours at the top of an outfit as this is nearer the face and will best compliment your skin colour. Both tones come under four different categories: autumn, winter, spring and summer. 


This is a 'warm' shade so you’ll likely have golden skin with dark blonde, red or light brown hair with either blue or brown eyes. The best colours are earthy tones; beige, orange or golds as this will complement your skin complexion. The ones to avoid are bright or bold colours so white and black will only make you look washed out.

Pitti Uomo
Pitti Uomo


This is one of the 'cool' shades with more of a contrast between your skin, hair and eye colour. Stark dramatic skin types, particularly Asians, Africans, and Caucasians. Believe it or not, black is ultimately the best colour on those of a winter shade as it best compliments your features and complexion. It works best with bright whites, stark blacks, tonal greys, and deep colours such as red, navy and ‘cool’ toned pastels. Colours to avoid are any beiges, oranges, gold and brown as this will wash you out and essentially make your skin colour look dull. 


The brighter of the 'warm' tones, so you’ll likely have auburn or strawberry blonde hair with pale skin (likely to burn easily in the sun). Pale colours work best for you such as ivory peach, blues, pinks, aqua and bright greens. But avoid bold colours as this will contrast too much, just like blacks and whites.



You’re a bright 'cool' skin tone with natural blonde or brown hair with blue eyes, and can tan easily. You’re best suited to neutral and pastel shades. Lilacs, light blues, and whites but avoid wearing black or stark colours such as oranges or yellows as this will drown out the brightness to your skin.

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