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Timberland + Rick Edwards 'Let's Get Lost'

As part of Timberland's Spring 2015 'Let's Get Lost' campaign, Rick Edwards joined the Timberland UK team for a '2 days, 1 bag' road trip challenge. The challenge involved the well-known broadcaster, now also a fashion writer and political activist, planning a trip from London to the Isle of Wight for 2 days, travelling with just one small bag containing a very selective edit of the Timberland collection. The idea was to test the functionality and versatility of various products in different environments. Rick travelled by bike, train and boat in order to escape the hectic London city to reach the sunny cliffs of the Isle of Wight.

Once at his destination Rick cycles and walks around the island in the Revenia desert boots, discovering different areas of the island, including the Needles by fishing boat.

I had the pleasure to head down to Timberland's flagship store on Regent Street to have a chat with Rick Edwards about his challenge. It was great to have the opportunity to sit down with the trendy TV presenter to find out more about his personal style and his thoughts on the campaign. 

What do you think is important when it comes down to packing light? 

"Make sure you have options. Definitely no scrimping on the underwear! I always think if you have a couple of options for the top half, i.e a t-shirt or shirt, you can more easily create a variety of looks."

What attracted you to work with Timberland? 

"I really like the look of Timberland clothes. I am not a complicated man when it comes to clothes, I don't tend to push the boundaries. So I really like their products as they are simple but stylish. They are easy to wear but still smart. Also, being tall it can be difficult for me but their clothes fit really well. The trousers are not too tight and not too baggy with really great neutral tones. In regards to the trip, I really wanted to go on an adventure. They asked me where I would like to go and I thought, as I haven't been, I would like to go to the Isle of Wight." 

Was it difficult to pack one bag for the trip? 

"It actually was as I am someone who likes to take multiple options! I sneakily asked if I could secretly take another bag, but I wasn't allowed!"

How did you find your Hookset Backpack? 

"It is a great backpack and I really like the style of it. I am definitely someone who is more concerned about how things look than practicality, but saying that, it was perfect for the short trip." 

You said recently in an interview that you would describe your style as urban, contemporary and chic... can you expand on this? 

"My personal style is urban (I grew up in Essex), contemporary (I don't want to look like I live in the Victorian era) and chic (I like the word and who doesn't want to be classed as chic?). I am pretty laid back when it comes to my everyday style. The bright blue chinos I wore as part of my Timberland get-up are probably as bright as I will go. I will push the boat out for trainers though. Neon all the way! But everything else I keep pretty simple."

You also said you are quite a ‘lazy’ shopper and much prefer shopping online. Why is that? 

"I do generally prefer shopping online. Nowadays it is pretty simple for men, you can find what you want quickly and you can send things back without hassle. I do like going into shops but I prefer boutique stores and places like Liberty. I personally prefer to spend money on a few good pieces than a lot of pieces that I will throw away. Economically that sort of shopping doesn't make much sense. I stick to key pieces like this quilted jacket from Timberland (the Skye Peak Bomber which he also wore on the trip). It is incredibly comfortable and light-weight, but also really warm. A great jacket to travel in." 

Is there anywhere else you would like to go on a quick trip? 

"Due to work commitments, I lead a very busy lifestyle so I don't get to travel much, apart from quick trips with work where I don't really get to see countries properly. I would really like to go to Finland and play with some bears. However I reckon I would have to seriously re-think my wardrobe... I might go all out with the lumberjack look."

To finish the interview I wanted to ask Rick about this own fashion writing. I complimented him for his column he writes for the Guardian as they are great to read. Very quick-witted, like himself. I finally asked him if writing about fashion comes easy to him to which he answered, "It does come relatively easy to me. I really enjoy fashion and I really enjoy writing." I finally followed on by asking, as he has just published his first book on political voting, would he be interested in writing a fashion book, "Errrm I am not so sure I am up for that, but who knows." 

Rick Edwards obviously knows what he is talking about when it comes to style and fashion. Along with his knowledge, his genuine charm and laid-back personality, I think it was an ideal collaboration with Timberland. Check out the full story and videos of his adventure on their website.

Bec Loades

With a strong passion for fashion, Bec has retail experience in styling and enjoys researching new style trends and seeking out upcoming menswear brands.

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