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Top Tips for a Summer Job Interview

You've got an interview lined up with a company you've always wanted to work for – but it's 30 degrees outside and you need to make sure you still look the part. Worry not. We asked the UK’s largest independent job site, CV-Library to share its top tips on how gents should style for an interview this Summer, along with some results of its recent survey, which asked a sample of its 8.7 million job hunters how they prep for an interview. The findings are fascinating...

Survive the summer heat 

As the weather warms up for the summer months, CV-library found that men are much more likely than women to suffer the heat and keep their attire formal for interviews. And rightfully so. 68% of gents would still wear a suit jacket through the heat and 96.4% of men would still wear smart shoes and socks, regardless of the temperature. This compares to just 55% of women who would be more inclined to forsake a jacket to avoid sweating. Whatever the temperature, you always need to make sure you look the part. Even if it's sweltering outside, you should turn up to an interview looking professional and ready to work. Ditching a jacket might feel good, but it can give the wrong impression and might mean you don't get taken seriously.

Giacomo Conti Spring/Summer 2015
Giacomo Conti Spring/Summer 2015

Also remember that it's not good turning up to an interview dripping with sweat, or worse still with patches under your arms. Use a good deodorant and plenty of it, and it might be worth carrying your jacket until you really need to put it on. Your choice of how to get to your interview can play a big part in how you end up looking, and thinking, so plan your route and give yourself plenty of time. 

The nation goes metrosexual 

Surprisingly, men take almost as long to get ready for an interview as women, showing that men really do care about portraying an impressive look when they head out for their important day. If you think you spend too long getting ready, you're probably wrong; the average male interviewee takes 44 minutes to get ready compared to women, who take a mere nine minutes longer than their male competitors. One in ten men even give themselves more than two hours to get ready! This is all great news because the secret to success is time and forward planning – especially in the Summer months, when the wrong choice could make or break an interview; the last thing you want is to be worrying about your shirt sticking to your back or wearing a colour that shows sweat marks. 

"When asked whether you should wear a suit to an interview, regardless of the job, 66% believed it was important to show respect for the significance of the meeting."

Give yourself time to consider your outfit choice and if you don't have the right attire, invest in something new. But don't let your girlfriend set the budget: men it seems, are far more willing to spend to impress, with 61% of gents willing to spend over £100 for a suave interview outfit, compared to just 10% of women. Be sure to spend wisely and go conservative. Regardless of the temperature, darker men’s suits always look good, so choose a black, grey or blue suit in regular or slim-fit. Pair this with black or brown leather shoes and a plain shirt and tie. Avoid patterns, as this can be a distraction to the interviewer. A plain, crisp, white shirt can often be the most impressive and is perfect in the Summer months too. 

Focus on the details 

It’s often the finer details that put a potential new employer off and it seems job hunters have taken this to heart. A staggering 93% of men admit to always shining their shoes before interview day and 69% pay particular attention to their socks – good work! And remember, socks are essential, whatever the weather. Even in the peak of Summer. There's nothing worse than a chap wearing a nice suit and ruining it with bare ankles and espadrilles.

If your phobia of Sweeney Todd has taken hold and you haven’t plucked up the courage to risk your local barber, then make this a priority. 82% of men would get a haircut prior to an interview compared with just 73% of women. Now probably isn’t the best time to try out something new, but looking well-groomed is sure to earn you respect. Proving that interview success goes beyond experience and skills, men are increasingly turning to their appearance in an attempt to gain points with a potential employer. Finding the right combinations can be daunting, so study style magazines and look online for the latest trends and suggestions from experts and celebrities. 

“Over 40% of men turn to style websites just like Menswear Style for inspiration” 

Grab a last look in the mirror 

Whatever the season, check yourself before you leave the house. It turns out that when it comes to having a final look in the mirror we’re all just as vain as each other, with 89% of men and 90% of women checking all is well before setting off. If you’re early when you get to the interview you can always head to the washrooms to ensure everything is still as you intended.

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