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The Dashiki is Back

I'm a proud Brit. But I'm also a proud Nigerian, a proud African, a proud seed of the motherland. So when I see African trends adopted by the masses I get very excited. I want Africa to win. She's too rich in colour and exuberant in culture not too. Thankfully we are past the David Beckham in cornrows stage (Thank God). The latest African inspired clothing trend that I've spotted is the re-imagining and re-emergence of the dashiki.

Actually pronounced "danshiki", an off-shoot of the Hausa word "yaîciki". Dashiki basically means "shirt", and with an opulent array of colours and patterns, the dashiki is a hell of a striking shirt. It was made popular in the west by renascence man, Efuntola Adefunmi, a man way ahead of his time. Just like the afro, it embodied the black struggle and African pride, a duality black people across the world feel even today.

The dashiki is a summer staple for all since it's light and airy enough to keep you cool in high summer. Celebrities Chris Brown and Jaden Smith have been seen wearing dashikis recently, which will do no harm in promoting this new trend. You can buy variations of it in jacket, hoodies, shirts and t-shirts by brands like Dime Piece, Karmaloop, Criminal Damage, Dope Chef and new London label Kiwi and Yam.

The high end designer brands are getting in on the emerging trend too (Yves Saint Laurent for example). In a multicultural society it's great to see different styles from different countries take the men's fashion world by storm. Let's see how this one develops...

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