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Photography by Serena Gallorini

Trends of Pitti Uomo 88

Undoubtedly the best men’s fashion fair, it’s that time where men (and a few women) come together from all over the world to share their passion and love for dressing well. This season was a show to remember and attracted record numbers of attendees - its good news for us that Menswear is on the increase. The beauty of Pitti Uomo is, it’s not about the latest trends or wearing the big expensive labels, it’s where men really appreciate the art and passion of style; dressing well is a gift and this is the chance to show it off to the world. Held in the city of style, the Florentine streets are covered in the world’s most stylish men and women (not just during Pitti), so you can imagine how the city comes alive during this week.

We were covering all 3 days so we go to spend a good amount of time spotting street style trends at the famous courtyard 'Pitti Wall' area. Here's what was trending this season...

Panama Hats 

We made the joke last season that it was "No Fedora, No Entry", so I think you can guess what happened this time. A sea of white panama hats with a black band were predominant, so if you spotted anyone walking through the streets of Florence in a Borsalino you can almost bet where they were headed. 

Tassel Loafers 

Whether they were suede or leather, Italian or British, every man wore a pair at least once during their stay. It’s the ultimate summer tailored shoe which looks perfect with linen trousers and suits.

Pocket Squares 

At one time this style accessory was almost unseen at Pitti but this summer we saw the rise of every colour, pattern and material imaginable. It’s almost become a staple to a man’s jacket that you look and feel under-dressed without one. 

Split Ties 

Gone are the days where men wore a tie neatly hanging, this season we saw split ties a plenty. An aim to set a new trend in the realms of ‘Sprezzatura’ perhaps or just something to make your outfit look a little less neat with an attitude of "I threw this on and forgot about it." Something the Italians have always been clever at.

White Trousers 

Personally I believe men can wear white as they please but never is it seen more acceptable to wear white trousers other than at Pitti. The sun is shining and you see more men enjoying an icecream together than you do beer, and it wasn’t shameful to be doing this in white trousers either. 

Soft Colours 

Summer brings pastels and soft hues; not just because it’s hot and we want to stay cool, but because it’s a Mediterranean style to wear linen in pastel and beige. Pastel blues and yellows were popular as well as a feminine touch of pink with silk ties.

Bright Colours 

Since the theme of Pitti this year was ‘That’s Pitti Color’, every man (and woman) of course had to bring out the colour in their outfits somehow. Under the Tuscan sun we saw bright two piece and three piece suits, bright trousers, and standout accessories. It seems a popular colour choice was royal blue, pastel, azzuro and navy.


I think this last one goes without saying – not only did we need them, but it’s easy to look cool in a pair of mirrored shades. Also, they make for an easy way to cover those hungover eyes from one too many the night before. On the cloudy moments, they were seen tucked into chest pockets which made for a cool accessory for jackets too.


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