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4 Sharp Dressing Tips to Live By

In the professional world, it’s important to look sharp to be taken seriously. Dressing like a college boy is all cool if you’re in fact in those years, but if you intend to climb up the corporate ladder, you have to look the deal. After all, it’s a competitive world out there and first impressions count. Following are our 5 tips to get you dressed sharp and appropriate, ready to take on the world.

1. Pay Attention to Footwear 

Most men don’t pay attention to the kind of shoes that they are wearing, but when you have to dress stylishly, you have to make sure you pay attention to every aspect of your wardrobe. Wearing a nice suit with mediocre shoes will be instantly noticeable and may even reflect badly. Even if you invest in just one pair, make sure it ticks all the right boxes – spending money on stylish as well as comfortable footwear will pay off in the long run. Choose a neutral colour that you can pull off with different coloured suits.


2. Own At Least One Tailor Made Suit 

Whatever the nature of your job, make sure you have at least one tailor made suit in your wardrobe. Sooner or later, you will need to wear it, and at that time, you’ll be thankful you made the investment. Tailor made clothing is obviously more expensive for the most part, going for new look voucher codes would thus be a good idea for effective discounts on fashion suits. However, if your job nature requires you to wear a suit frequently, invest in different styles and colours to boast a diverse wardrobe.

3. Invest In the Classics 

When building your professional wardrobe, you would do well not to fall for seasonal trends. A pair of in-fashion fitted jeans for informal work days is all well and good, but make sure you have all the classics stocked, ready to make you look stylish. Certain things like white and blue shirts, and a blue or black blazer never go out of style and always help make a statement. Before anything else, invest in these things.


4. Invest In Polos 

Even on casual days, you need to make sure you don’t give off the college boy look, and one mistake new grads often make when stepping into the professional world, is hanging onto their t-shirts. Invest in polos if you really want to wear a half sleeves shirt. Still, when buying t-shirts, make sure they don’t have slogans or funny images, and is clean and closely fitted. Don’t wear a printed shirt with a blazer either!


Lastly, whatever you wear, make sure you check your appearance twice before heading out and keenly observe your style from head to toe. You can get some great deals using active voucher codes that can really help you build your wardrobe. Dress to look older so that you get the respect that older men deserve.

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