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Also referred to as the Ceasar Cut, the French Crop is a timeless and relatively low maintenance hairstyle which can look natural and effortless. The difference, however between the Ceaser and the French crop is the French crop usually has a slightly longer fringe so requires a little more styling. A key positive factor about this hairstyle is that it suits all face shapes. It is versatile for most styles of dressing too - to put it simply, it’s a cut that consists of short on the back and sides, longer on top and either pulled forward or pushed to one side.

When it comes to asking for this cut; the sides and back need to remain relatively soft, you don’t want too much of a dramatic difference between your hair on top. When talking with your stylist about the cut on top you need to take into consideration your hair texture e.g. if your hair is thicker and coarse you will need to have your barber take out some of the weight. If you don’t want to reduce the thickness then I’d suggest having a blunt cut for a more solid shape to style. This also makes it easier to keep the hair flatter, particularly at the crown of your head.

For a contemporary finish you can create a more dramatic finish with a shorter shave on the sides and back. This way there is more of a definitive transition which will create an eye-catching style. Alternatively, if you like a change occasionally - keep your hair slightly longer to give you more options when it comes to styling - such as a quiff or faux hawk. The French Crop is a great cut for those with naturally curly or wavy hair because the back and sides are neat and tidy while the top gives definition to what can be a difficult hair texture to style. 

When it comes to styling, you can either keep it glossy by freshly washing your hair and drying it and adding a small amount of pomade to hold. You can keep it natural by using mud or clay hair products which will keep it in place without it looking sticky and shiny.

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