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Discover Patricks' Hair Styling Line

Like every great entrepreneur, Patrick Kidd knew that to become a success he had to take a leap of faith. He down-tooled his career as an electrician, re-mortgaged his apartment and launched Patricks an uncompromising men's styling line. That was eight years ago, since then Patricks has grown exponentially into to a fully-fledged hair care range stocked by some of the world’s leading luxury retailers including Mr Porter.

For Patrick the brand has been a pursuement of perfection which has taken him halfway around the globe in search of the best formulations company giving them an open budget to produce the best performing product possible. The end result is an uncompromising styling line with maximum performance, utilising the latest scientific technology and featuring classically dapper scents.

“I like pushing boundaries. I’ll never be constrained by what’s been done before or by what I’m told is possible.” 

Each product contains Patricks Recovery Compound (PRC), a scientific innovation designed to stimulate hair growth and prevent the hair loss process. Adding further proof to my theory that I will be the last in a generation of bald people on the planet. Me and Ross Kemp. It's too late for Ross Kemp and I, but not for you. The Matte finish range each come with a different strength hold, individually scented. The 8 unique fragrances were inspired by colognes from the 50’s and 60’s and all feature notes of Vetiver to create a subtle signature scent through the range.

A key feature of the product design is the double-lock system that ensures the product is safe in your bag. The size complies with carry-on and hand luggage regulations for all commercial and private airlines, enabling you to sail through customs like the president. A thin rubber gasket infused around the base plate prevents slippage, whilst the presentation angle is inspired by the side door of a Lamborghini Aventado. The result is a product that is practical, sleek, and easy on the eye and reduces hair loss. Win, win, win and yes - win.

Peter Brooker

Peter is a published author on men's style, a huge James Bond fanatic and the host of our very own Menswear Style Podcast. His new book 'From Tailors with Love: An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films' is available now.

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