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Mozart in the Jungle

We've just binged watched the entire first season of Mozart in the Jungle to kick off the Amazon Video Club influencer campaign. The show’s story was inspired by the book Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs, and Classical Music, where oboist Blair Tindall gives her interpretation playing numerous prestigious concerts in New York. The show captures the Big Apple in such a great light too. It’s actually made us book flights to New York for Spring 2016.

Lola Kirke (Hailey) and Saffron Burrows (Cynthia) are charming and beautiful ladies who we fell in love with, but it’s Gael García Bernal (Rodrigo) who was the most enjoyable character to watch on screen. He’s an odd guy with a hippie/rocker vibe. He’s the comical quirky bad boy of the classical world. The best quote from the first episode came when he was casting for a new member of the orchestra and commented to his assistant; “Write this down. I want a Turkey sandwich, no mayonnaise.” This basically sums up his weird but endearing mind.

Lola Kirke
Lola Kirke

Rodrigo is a pint sized man but he certainly makes up for this with his hair volume (Hear the Hair). He has awesome long wavy locks that are often tied up or partially hidden with a beanie or head scarf. We were absolutely gutted when he asked Hailey to chop it all off. His style in this TV show is very cool, especially considering the formal industry he is working within. His laid-back cool hipster style is full of waistcoats, jewellery, leather accessories, black slim jeans, grandad tops and floral shirts. The red button-down shirt gets the biggest thumbs up from us.

Gael García Bernal
Gael García Bernal

The show's eccentricity make it very easy to watch. The main characters are young and beautiful, and you don’t need to be a fan of classical music to like it. If anything, it probably helps if you have limited knowledge of classical music because someone with formal musical training may look too deep into the actors' instrument playing techniques and consequently get a little bugged out.

Saffron Burrows
Saffron Burrows

Overall, the show is captivating and easy to get into. The pilot was good but successive episodes get better and better. We’re just enchanted with Gael Garcia Bernal's performance - seeing him struggle to find the passion behind the music and bring that aspiration to each of the musicians is captivating to watch. The 2nd series comes out 30th December and we’ll definitely be watching it to see how this story unfolds – please, please grow your hair back Rodrigo! 

We now pass the baton over to Zoe London who has chosen to watch the Amazon Video show Red Oaks, a story about a young tennis player who works at the prestigious and exclusive Red Oaks Country Club during the 1980s. 

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