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7 Grooming Brands You’ll Know in 2016

Men's grooming is a multi-million pound industry. It's worth £574 million and it's projected to be worth £608 million by 2017. Men have all gone metrosexual on us it seems. With the New Year just days away, let's look at 7 grooming brands that are going to be everywhere in 2016. If your New Year's resolution is to take better care of your skin and that man mane, you're in the right place.


The British Bulldog is synonymous with that great British strength. Something the brand hold dear to their core values. What makes bulldog stand out is their bespoke feel. Whatever your skin issues, whether it be dry skin, mature skin, tired skin etc. there are products especially for you. It's like having a dermatologist in your bathroom.

Gentlemen’s Tonic 

For the purveyor of style, class and elegance. Gentlemen’s Tonic is the brand for you. With locations and treatment centres in Mayfair and in the UAE, this brand is for the indulgent among you. Their award-winning Babassu & Bergamot product range is designed to also be used for your home grooming needs and is entirely free from synthetic materials, harmful chemical additives and parabens.

Anthony Logistics 

Founded by Anthony Sosnick, Anthony located in New York is a premium grooming brand for men. Attention to detail is Anthony Logistics' shtick. It's a multi-functional and a multi-beneficial personal care brand.

Baxter of California 

Dedicated to elevating the craft of men’s grooming since 1965 when Baxter Finley started the brand. Baxter are legendary OG’s when it comes to men’s grooming. The brand is grounded in science, which means their product is scientifically good for you. A Baxter of California a day, keeps the acne away.


No, it's not named after that bloke off Sky Sports. Neville is a brand that gives you the essence of a quintessential English barber in the comfort of your own home. Using natural products and beautiful botanical blends, Neville products will give you that premium edge to your daily routine.

Geo. F. Trumper 

The original barbers is still operational in Curzon Street Mayfair in London and there's another in Duke of York Street. This brand are renowned for their aftershaves and colognes and even cufflinks and ties too.

Men Rock 

For the meninism among you, there's Men Rock. Nothing better than a bit of self-love. Men Rock are anti-celebrity endorsement. They take inspiration from traditional barbers and Jermyn Street in London. The packaging is super slick too.

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