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Ultimate Guide to Bicycle Commuter Style

You don’t need to be out in full lycra to cycle to work, however you do need to make sure you are wearing the correct clothing for your ride. You don’t want is to turn up to the office dripping with sweat and dirt - or with a rip in your suit. You can keep to your new healthy 2016 resolution in style by following this commuter style guide.


You need to buy a waterproof jacket because there is no chance you’ll be keeping dry on a city cycle commute in Britain. You’ll require something which is easy to take off and pack away. New brand Lumo have launched their debut collection of jackets with subtle hidden waterproof LED strips which are visible 400m away for safety in the dark. The jackets are made from a waxy material so are entirely water resistant. They feature dropped hems, stretched shoulder panels and zipped and magnetic closing pockets to keep all your belongings in on route. Not only with this kind of jacket suitable for your commute, it’s also easy to throw on if you pop out for lunch during your day.


If you wear a suit to work, we wouldn’t recommend wearing the suit jacket on your bicycle. They are restricting for movement and you’ll end up damaging the fabric. Simply fold and roll it into your backpack and put it on once you arrive to work. You can wear a smart oxford shirt with a crew neck jumper for a stylish look which will also keep you warm on your way into the office. When looking for a shirt you ideally want something which isn’t quite 100% cotton as this can be restricting. Look for shirts made with both cotton and lycra which gives the feel of elasticity. TM Lewin has a great choice of Oxford shirts as do Vulpine. The same rule goes for the sweater too - merino wool is always a great choice since its breathable, high quality and warm.


If you can get away with being able to wear jeans at the office you can try and wear a dark denim pair, again with lyrca within the fabric for ease of movement. Alternatively, if you can’t wear denim for the office, Marks & Spencer for example have special ‘cycling chinos’ which not only give you the comfort to move but also the protection across your manhood. Another great factor is they’re water resistant.

Shoes & Accessories 

Wearing comfortable footwear for a cycling commute is essential. Some people chose to wear trainers and then change once at the office, but if you’re reading this article then my guess is you are a little more style conscious. We suggest you opt for a derby shoe or a brogue, something with a good grip at the bottom such as a rubber sole. The sole is important so that you don’t slip, especially in wet weather conditions. A brand such as Geox make breathable smart shoes that also give you the ability to be active in them. Alternatively Quoc Pham produce specific cycling shoes e.g. Derby shoes with a cork interior for comfort and a sweat proof leather lining. They’re also made to be worn with or without pedal clips for ease.

Quoc Pham
Quoc Pham

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