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3 Black & Afro Hairstyle Trends for 2016

Those with Afro-textured and black hair often feel they are limited with what they can do to style it - without it getting out of control, frizzing or looking unprofessional. But actually, you have plenty of ways to rock a cool hairstyle that is perfect for both the office and formal occasions. Naturally with Afro hair, it’s thicker and coarse which does make it a little harder to style. A key factor is to keep the hair clean, moisturised and tidy - this will keep it soft and healthy.

The Fade 

There are numerous ways to adopt the ‘Fade Cut' with Afro-textured hair, just like white and Caucasian hair, the principle is entirely the same. You can go for a regular modern fade with a little height on top. Or for a more conservative look, shave just at the temples to add definition to your hair and face. If you want something more standout there is the 'Low Fade' with a sculpted Afro at the top and the sides are given a deep fade to bare skin at the bottom and around the neck. 

You can also take some inspiration from man of the moment Idris Elba who sports a high top fade - a modern smart look. You can also go for a 'Faux Hawk' haircut - allowing the hair on top to grow a little longer either centrally or to one side.

The Fade Haircut
The Fade Haircut

The Buzz Cut 

To keep your hair style simple, clean and really easy to manage you can go for the popular 'Buzz Cut' hairstyle. Since Afro-textured hair can be harder to control many men prefer to keep it short. With the likes of Tinie Tempah previously sporting a short buzz cut you can create a geometric style across the forehead with right angles at the temples. A Buzz Cut is also the best option for those with receding hair, since it will draw attention away from it.

The Buzz Haircut
The Buzz Haircut

Longer Hair 

If you have slightly longer Afro hair and want to keep the length, there are great styles which can still look smart and professional. The best way to keep this style looking neat is to taper the sides around your ears and keep your hair on top fairly sculpted so it’s not too out of control. This is also easier if your curls aren’t so dense. 

Alternatively take inspiration from the likes of Lenny Kravitz and embrace natural curls. With the right length, shape and control your hairstyle can look smart and neat. If you want shoulder length hair, keep it braided. You can style this up or down depending on whether you'd like an eclectic look or minimal and discreet finish.

Long Afro-Textured Hair
Long Afro-Textured Hair

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