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Discover ‘Better Thinking’ with Parker Pens

When was the last time you wrote a letter? The last time you sat down without any distractions and enjoyed the silence and freedom to write down your thoughts and ideas? In such a technology dependent world with short attention spans, moments like this are a rarity in our lives. This is why this month, Parker, makers of fine writing instruments and a leader in craftsmanship and design innovation, are inviting the world to join them on a journey of discovery; where the simple act of picking up a beautifully crafted pen may reveal a freedom to fully explore your mind’s concepts and open the pathway to clearer and better thinking.

In a fast-paced world, fine writing fills the gap for authentic and finely crafted communication. The act of writing offers the opportunity to slow down, organize your thoughts and embrace your best ideas. To encourage better thinking, Parker is pleased to announce enhancements to the Duofold and Sonnet collections along-side an elevated new take on the Parker logo and packaging, which now proudly showcases the brand’s two Royal Warrants, a hallmark of Parker’s commitment to craftsmanship and excellence.

We’ve brought the ‘Better Thinking’ campaign to life using the new Parker Sonnet pen in London’s most inspirational creative areas. It was quite a challenge since we don't usually write or use pens and are much more at home with our laptops and tablets. However, for this task we Left all technology at home and headed out to East London to sit in cool creative spaces and coffee shops. Here we watched the world go by with nothing but a notebook and the Parker pen - this felt a little alien at first and writing with a fountain pen makes you slow down and pay attention to the words you're writing. Memories of school soon come flooding back. It was the mighty Parker that was the best pen around back then and it's still the case today. 

We also took to the Canary Wharf area of London – sitting outside among the skyscrapers to take in the surroundings and interesting new developments. It is when you’re away from usual distractions and mayhem that you can truly think clearly. In such a busy area it was novelty to be sat writing at a slow pace trying to perfect a presentable handwriting style. As we’re a men’s lifestyle magazine, we’re always gaining inspiration from the streets – seeking out the next micro trends but usually type notes into our smartphones instead. You often become oblivious to most things when you’re glued to reading emails on your phone. There's also something quite romantic and stylish about a page full or stylish handwriting with a classic luxury Parker pen in hand. 

“As a child did you ever return to school after the summer holidays and realise you’d almost forgotten how to write? This is how I felt using the Sonnet pen at first. It’s been a long time since I’ve used a fountain pen. But it’s amazing how much clearer I was able to think once boredom and the need to use social media had passed. I came up with a few good ideas for MenswearStyle whilst taking on this ‘Better Thinking’ challenge and reached out to a few British manufacturers as a result. It must have been the pen that put me in a different mindset and slowed me down a notch. I think we should all aim to leave the house for an afternoon with just a pen and notepad at least once a month.” – Craig Landale, Editor-in-Chief, MenswearStyle.

Launched in the roaring twenties, Duofold is the most prestigious and emblematic Parker line. Masculine, yet refined and intricate, the pen is the definition of excellence and high quality. The Duofold line-up has been updated and refined with modern touches and elegant improvements, such as an immaculately polished 18K solid gold nib design and a finely crafted arrow clip. 

Launched in 1994, the Sonnet exudes contemporary yet timeless style and offers meticulous details that complement its delicate lacquered form. Designed with both male and female consumers in mind, the Sonnet collection combines elegance and confidence with style and design. Composed of 17 pieces, the collection also features the new unifying arrow clip, cap and distinct Cisele engraved patterns on the 18K solid gold nib. This refined chiselled metalwork has since become a hallmark of the brand’s ingenuity and technical mastery.

Staying true to the brand’s devotion to discovering full potential, Parker has modernised select features. The collections now feature unique, sophisticated modernisations including new, elegant colour finishes; an updated iconic arrow clip; and the addition of the instantly recognisable three-band design.

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