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Statistics Reveal Rise in Male Body Consciousness

As we leave the cold, dark depths of winter behind us, it’s time for the New Year’s resolutions, with many of us pledging that it’s time for a “new year, new me”. While either ‘hitting the gym’ or ‘pounding the pavements’ might not be for everybody, recent research shows that male’s in the UK are becoming more body conscious, particularly in London and Birmingham.


Recent statistics revealed by SK:N, who specialise in laser hair removal treatment, have shown that males have become a lot more body conscious over the past few years, with significantly more men undergoing laser hair removal procedures as a result. The number of men undergoing laser hair removal has risen by 122% in the last five years.

The statistics reveal that over the last five years, men and women in London and Birmingham in particular are undergoing more skin-safe, permanent hair reduction treatments than anywhere else in the country. Throughout 2015, the top ten towns and cities where unwanted hair has led to the undertaking of laser hair removal treatment at SK:N clinics also include Leicester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, Middlesbrough, Edinburgh and Liverpool. 

Due to this, it’s perhaps no surprise that the hair removal industry is currently booming in the UK. By 2019, the International Master Course of Ageing Skin (IMCAS) expect it to be worth as much as £2.19 billion! The number of men between the ages of 18-25 undergoing laser hair removal has also increased by 122%, with over 10,000 treatments in 2015.


There’s not particularly a clear pattern emerging as to why more young males are getting laser hair removal treatment, but it’s likely down to a combination of factors such as an increasingly large number of people becoming absorbed in gym culture and people seeking safe long-term solutions to problems and body worries they’ve always harboured. 

SK:N confirmed as such, with Clinic Nurse Lisa Mason stating that: “The rise in men going to gyms in recent years is an example of how they are becoming more conscious, they’re also willing to spend more and more money on their appearance to look more like their favourite celebrities and movie stars." Lisa added: “We’ve calculated that laser hair removal can be more time and cost effective than shaving and waxing- another factor we believe that has led to the marked increase of men having treatments."

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