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The End of a Tasteful Holiday

New York City has always shown its most glossy and glamorous side during the holidays, and this season was no exception. Actually, if possible, it looked even more opulent this year. The windows of the boutiques on Madison Avenue were competing for the most elegant and original display, while the major department stores were battling for dominance for the most innovative and extravagant window to date.

However, once you enter these opulent cathedrals of excesses, you encounter a new, unusual, and alarming trend that has crept into this season’s couture: Ugliness. Over the last few years it has become “cool” to have holiday parties to show off the most hideous Christmas sweaters one can find. And now clothing manufacturers haven’t let this tendency pass unnoticed and have invested in this craze.

American Rag took this idea quite literally, presenting a new holiday line under the name of “Ugly Sweaters.” It was a feast of images of dubious taste, showing any possible Christmas imagery imaginable, religious and sexual undertones included. And what this company is offering in the pajama department for the season, I’ll leave to your wild imagination! 

Found in the major department stores are a myriad of oversized slippers produced by Club Room, alarmingly resembling bear claws, reindeer snouts, and elf faces. And then there is the terrifying “Make Your Own Ugly Tie” kit, composed of hideous knick-knacks to apply to a tie in any way one might consider appropriate.

But the most interesting offerings are the men’s suits by Oppo Suits. These outfits are made of pure polyester holiday prints with themes ranging from tamed red tartans, to solid red backgrounds splashed with smiling snowmen, to light blue stripes punctuated by snowflakes. Their center piece, amusingly named “Quilty Pleasure” (yes, each suit has a proper name), resembles granny’s old quilt and combines all the holiday themes one can dream up in one ensemble.

Surprisingly, the fit of these suits is not bad, and with a price of approximately USD 99, a three piece, which carefully includes matching pants, jacket, and tie, is quite a bargain. Astonishingly these items were literally flying off the shelves, and some of them actually sold out! So, if one wishes to follow this current New York trend next year, my only advice is, please spare us the selfie, but we hope you all had a Happy Ugly Holiday! 

*Illustration also by Stefano Imbert


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