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January 2016’s Most Stylish Stuff

News travels fast. That’s always been the well-used saying. But in 2016 it’s never been more instant, with the pace of social media quickening, our inbox inundated with new releases, and our commute to work being filled with adverts on every corner. In some ways this isn’t ideal, but for those who love keeping up-to-date with the latest goings on, it’s an enjoyable ride. So much so that we’ve decided to collate our favourite products and releases which are doing the rounds this month.

Black Cow Vodka 

Black Cow Vodka is said to be the world’s first vodka made directly from milk. Say what? Yep, we’ve done our homework and we can confirm that down in West Dorset, England, there’s a small group of distillers who are producing premium vodka from a 250 strong dairy herd. A wonderfully pleasing bi-product that tastes so good we decided to buy a second bottle. Silky smooth and delicately flavoursome.

Paul Smith + Caran D’Ache Pen Collection 

If it’s good enough for Paul, then it’s sure good enough for us. It’s said that Paul Smith has been using these Swiss-made pens for most of his working career. The design of this ballpoint pen, which has been around since 1969, is both minimal, pleasing on the eye and a party for your fingertips. The 849 model has a hexagonal body, and comes in 10 unique shades of colour, all chosen by Paul Smith himself.

Farer Sub-Dial Collection 

Designed in the UK, and assembled in Switzerland, these nifty time-tellers by Farer have been flavour of the month around our office. The curious mash-up of playfulness and quintessential classic design makes their Sub-Dial Collection hot property on the menswear rounds. The Stark Watch is named after Dame Freya Stark, a fearless British Travel Writer and Adventurer who became the first Westerner to journey through the Middle East.

Bellroy Micro Sleeve 

The Australian brand are total fire when it comes to simplifying your daily carry essentials. Bellroy recently dropped their latest offering - the Micro Sleeve slims down your everyday bulk, with external slots to fit up to 4 cards, and with a pinch at either end of the wallet allowing easy access to your folded notes. Made from vegetable tanned leather, coming in 5 colours, all with a 3-year warranty.

McNair Shirts 

It seems ironic that when the cold weather finally sets in, all most of us want to do is stay indoors, with a nice dram of whisky, and some comfy slippers. But not everyone, oh no. McNair want us to do the opposite, and we couldn’t be more up for it. The Yorkshire-based brand are producing some of the most luxurious, yet sturdy, shirts you’ll find across the internet. Their aim was to create a piece of outdoor clothing that didn’t involve neon bright, cheap synthetic materials, instead designing something that was stylish, practical and timeless. Their staple Merino Wool overshirt is ticking all those boxes.

The School of Life Notepads 

Stationery just does it for us. We love modern technology, of course but sometimes it’s much more pleasing to jot down ideas and lists on a paper notepad, than to tap on your phone. And if you’re going to do it, you may as well do it right, hey? The School of Life do a bunch of stuff; life courses, therapies, pencils other intriguing activities, but we’re concentrating of their notepads here. Each notepad is inspired by a different set of individuals, be that Pop Artists, or Mod Culture - with every one coming in according colours.


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