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How to Wear Colour in Winter

When the weather is dull and bleak it can often seem easier to wear darker shades such as navy, black and grey - but this won’t help your mood feel brighter and happier. To feel fresh minded and positive during winter you can start by adding a little colour to your daily wardrobe. Earlier this year we explained which colours are suited to which skin tones and which are suited to eye colour. A darker skin tone will mean you can wear brighter shades to complement your style. However, we aren’t advising you get your summer shirts out or throw any old colour into the mix - you still want to look effortless particularly if you’re introducing new colours into your everyday wardrobe. Here are some ways in which you can do this.

Check Patterns 

Anything in a check pattern is a good place to start if you don’t know what to wear to add instant colour to a winter outfit. This can either be through something simple such as a shirt or suit jacket. However, during the winter months the colours options on garments at retailers tend to be much more muted so you’ll have to hunt down the non-dull colours. Try to avoid blue, this is a safe option for more men and it doesn’t add the brightness and character that we’re trying to achieve.

Angelo Nardelli 1951 Autumn/Winter 2015
Angelo Nardelli 1951 Autumn/Winter 2015

Block Colours 

If done correctly block colouring can look great – you just need to be careful which colourways you pick out. Think about which colours complement each other, for example green with purple or blue with red. There are numerous ways to achieve this too - during the winter the best option is to colour block with layering. A shirt and sweater or jacket combo is a great option as it’s simple and neat. Alternatively, instead of opting for your usual blue jeans, pick out brighter chino trouser such as teal, maroon or red.

Bagozza Autumn/Winter 2015
Bagozza Autumn/Winter 2015


Accessorising is an easy way to add interesting colourful details - just like a woman might add a statement bag or standout jewellery to her outfit, it’s the same rule for men. Either with a rucksack, a belt, a piece of jewellery or a pocket square. A factor to remember when choosing how to colour match is to pick out a minor colour already featured in your outfit and pair this with a colour or shade within the accessory. This way you’ll be sure to complement the tones without clashing or overpowering.

Chester & Peck Autumn/Winter 2015
Chester & Peck Autumn/Winter 2015


One thing which has increased in the men’s fashion industry over recent seasons is the ability to wear coloured shoes, whether this is trainers, brogues or boots. Bright soles on your feet are eye-catching and a great way to brighten up simple blue jeans or a dark coloured suit. However, if you choose to wear coloured shoes, be sure to add a small amount of colour elsewhere in your outfit (e.g. pocket square), not necessarily the same colour to look uniformed but to balance out the overall outfit.

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