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Discover SKINS DNAmic

January's finally over, and I say that with a sigh of relief like it’s a good thing because it is - for two reasons. Firstly, the ‘new year, new you’ gym rush has dwindled down to a few die-hards that actually plan on maintaining their get-fit resolutions, which means you can get straight into your workout without having to wait 20 minutes for sweaty equipment. Secondly (and here’s the real reason we’re celebrating the start of February), today marks the launch of SKINS all new compression collection, DNAmic.

With the winter solstice behind us, the countdown to summer has begun – and if you plan on starting the season looking fit and toned, it’s time you turn your exercise intensity up a notch. Easier said than done, right? When inspiration is lacking, a bright new addition to your workout wardrobe might do the trick, especially if it boosts your performance and reduces risk of injury - and SKINS brand new compression range is exactly what you’re looking for to power through your workout.

Before we get to that, we’ll give you a brief low-down on how DNAmic was born. SKINS product development is a process of progress: their technology is repeatedly tested and refined to push the limits of the human body with compression. New technology either leads to new products, or existing products get a facelift. Remember SKINS A200 range? Today they’re called DNAmic; and the name change is only the start of the upgrades. 

So let’s look at the specs. DNAmic now features SKINS most advanced Dynamic Gradient Compression technology that was previously only reserved for their top tier A400 and RY400 ranges, which boosts blood circulation and oxygen delivery to active muscles so you can push them harder for longer while reducing the risk of injury. As far as functionality goes, the DNAmic range ticks all the usual boxes you’d expect from a SKINS garment: focussed muscle support, long-lasting warp knit fabric, a comfortable fit based on your BMI, 50+ UV protection and moisture management wicking. So what makes DNAmic different from its SKINS cousins?

You only have to take one look at them to answer that question. With a bold blend of op-art and militaresque graphics, DNAmic garments merge function with fashion in a sporty and futuristic design. And SKINS has a collaboration with Sydney-based illustrator James Jirat Patradoon to thank for that. His patterns, prints and colourways have a high energy that you can’t help but look twice at. In short, the DNAmic range is worn to be seen.


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