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The Best Commuter Headphones for Men

With Podcasts booming (again) over the past year (thanks to Serial), we’re turning our focus to on-ear headphones. There’s nothing worse than sitting on the Tube in London on your morning commute to work and not being able to hear your episode due to the tracks and engine noise. More and more, we're seeing that people are turning their backs on their free white iPhone earphones in pursuit of something much, much, MUCH better - so they can truly escape the everyday noise pollution that we face. Over-ear headphones are much better when it comes to comfort, style, and noise-cancellation. You can explore more options on the best and affordable headphones today on this link here: musiccritic.com/equipment/headphones/best-over-ear-headphones-under-50. Here’s our top 5 stylish models that money can buy right now.

Kreafunk aHead 

This model is certainly the fashionista’s and designer's choice of headphones. They are made by Danish brand Kreafunk, and the contemporary design comes with wireless technology, clear sound and high performance. A big thumbs up!

BOSE QuietComfort 25 

If you’re serious about your music and sound quality then these by BOSE are exactly what you’re looking for gentlemen. The sound is powerful and the model features noise reduction so each note is crystal clear, even when traveling on the Bakerloo Line in London.

Sony 10RC 

A collaboration of music industry professionals, these are designed for and by music makers. Sony teamed up with members of The Script with a goal to create a set of headphones that recording artists could trust and would want to wear in the studio.

B&O Play H6 

These premium wireless over-ear headphones are designed by Jakob Wagner, and are refined and crafted without compromise. They have a clean sound performance and look sophisticated. There’s also a jack in each ear so you can decide which side you want the cord to sit on.

Master & Dynamic MH40 

These super cool headphones are designed to help you focus and inspire your mind. They are built using the finest materials such as stainless steal, heavy grain premium cowhide leather and Lambskin, and they provide a rich, warm sound.

Sennheiser PXC 250-II  

These closed on-ear Sennheiser headphones are perfect for guys who travel regularly since they’re smaller than the average, fold up nicely and they feature remarkable noise cancellation technology. Impressively the battery lasts up to 50 hours and the integrated volume control is optimised for in-flight entertainment systems, Apple products and portable media players.

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