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Discover Lanieri Custom Made Suits

Online custom tailors are one of the most intriguing and exploding phenomenon of the last few years, with many companies trying to disrupt traditional tailoring by letting customers submitting their measurements on a website, picking their fabric of choice and a few customizations. Most, if not all, of these companies have one thing in common: the garments are all manufactured in China, usually with low quality fabrics.

Lanieri is an Italian company whose garments are manufactured in Italy using only premium Italian fabrics. was born in 2012 during an MBA at College des Ingenieurs. The two co-founders, Simone Maggi and Riccardo Schiavotto - both former consultants - saw potential to disrupt the tailoring industry. The technology involved in the manufacturing of tailor-made suits had evolved - automatic cutters and more developed sewing machines - but the industry had not, especially in Italy.

They began studying the feasibility of selling made-to-measure suits online and discovered that, while other companies were doing it, no one was manufacturing their garments in Italy. As soon as the first version of the website was released in June 2012, a historic Italian wool mill company (Successori Reda) discovered the project and decided to become both a supplier and a strategic investor, sharing the two co-founders' vision of exporting Italian excellence using an innovative approach to tailoring.

How it Works

First, the measuring process: Lanieri’s co-founders have designed the process - keeping in mind that no previous tailoring experience should be required. The measurements submitted are assessed using a proprietary statistical algorithm effectively combining the right mix of innovation, experience and heritage. Secondly, the website: it’s built entirely in house, to provide the best online shopping experience. Thirdly, customer care: a tailor made suit, especially if sold online, is something that requires understanding of customer needs, especially in terms of fitting. If the measurements sent by the customers seems wrong (according to the above mentioned algorithm), the customer will be contacted and asked to double-check some measurements.

For a complete Lanieri experience upload your measurements on or get measured in one of their Ateliers (in Milan, Rome, Zurich, Munich, Turin and Paris) and pick your made-to-measure Italian suit. If you prefer to see the samples first, simply choose up to 5 fabric samples online and you will receive the kit in the post.


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