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Renard SS16 Collection Launches

Renard, the Amsterdam watch brand launched its first collection just 1 year ago and now they’ve launched their new Elite Veau and Grande Chrono watches in time for spring 2016. The brand stands out by mixing tradition and modernity into alluring watches. Renard believes that in an era where smart technology dominates time management, unique watch designs from the past are still highly alluring today.

Renard – fox in French – is appealing, self-willed and confident. Characteristics that embody the spirit of our watches. They have the instinct to stand out on our own grounds. In a world where trends change rapidly, they give self-aware people the tools and inspiration to craft their own style.

We recently got up close with 2 of their watch models to test them out for ourselves and capture their aesthetic near our London offices. Firstly, the Grande Chrono Gold Silver Veau Burgundy men’s watch features a silver dial with gunmetal details, domed glass, stainless steel case and leather strap. The Renard fox abstract fox logo looks intriguing and unique – a simple understated watch which stands out for all the good reasons.

Next we have the Elite Champagne Gold Red Croco women’s watch which is a classic timepiece that is characterised by its clean design. It features a yellow golden case with a beautiful vertically brushed dial, which suits well with the ruby-red strap – a modern choice for everyone who appreciates a classic twist.


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