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A Guide to Wearing Sneakers with Suits

There’s nothing quite like the sophisticated look of a man wearing a nice pair of Italian leather shoes, ones that complements his custom-made tailored suit down to a tee. This sleek overall look creates a persona of class and elegance. However, some men have teetered the line of fashion and began merging style with comfort.

Men’s footwear covers a wide range of designs and uses. There are boat shoes and espadrilles that can be worn with a polo shirt and shorts during the summer; as well as sandals and flip-flops that are perfect for a pleasant vacation on a tropical island. For a more formal approach, styles such as brogues, loafers, and oxford shoes have been the go-to choice for men for decades. But since this is about combining style and comfort, a classic pair of sneakers does the job for almost any situation - even completing that sleek business attire.

A fashion e-commerce platform based in the UK simply classifies sneakers as those from the versatile high-top Chuck Taylors to the snug plimsolls. Basically, these rubber-soled shoes promote not just style but also comfort all throughout. As odd as it may sound to some, sneakers also go together with suits – as long as men know the general basic rules of how to wear them. 

Like driving a brand new vehicle, men should treat sneakers as an extension of their suits. This means, the outfit must be the centrepiece of the overall look and should not be based on the footwear. For a cohesive and purposeful outfit, choose slender sneakers to match a slim cut suit. The colour of your trainers don't necessarily matter, but it’s always a good bet to stick with the basic neutral shades or a similar colour to what the suit is in.

Speaking of which, also consider the cutting of the suit, as it is an important facet when it comes to creating an overall look - it reflects knowledge of style and understanding of comfort. As a rule of thumb: it’s pointless wearing sneakers if the trousers are way too long. Essentially, the hem should not roll over the shoe. For low-cut sneakers, the best style tip is to pair them with cuffed suit trousers. That way, the trainers will look like an extension of the tailored outfit. Furthermore, ditch your socks and show a decent amount of ankle.


By following these basic guidelines of how to wear sneakers with suits, you'll not only become fashion forward, but you'll also enjoy the comfort and style of your whole appearance.

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